This Trojan's looking to make a name for himself

When anyone hears about Johnstown football, one name usually pops up - LaRod Stephens. In 2004 there is another Trojan who is out to show people he belongs in a Division-1 program. LB Josh Miller 6-0, 220, 4.7 Greater Johnstown High School, Johnstown PA, is that player. When you watch LaRod's tape and watch him return punts, you'll generally see someone on the opposition get blown up. Josh Miller is the one who is on the other end of those knockout blows.<br>

Syracuse, Purdue, and Maryland have shown the most interest in Miller thus far, He realizes that when coaches venture to Johnstown to watch Stephens he can make a name for himself. His favorites include: Pittsburgh, Penn State, Syracuse Maryland, and Ohio State. Miller was recently invited to attend the Nike Combine at Penn State which will give him a chance to compete against some big time prospects.

Josh recently wrapped up a (21-8) campaign on the mats wrestling at 215 lbs., he was the District 6 runner-up and went 2-2 at the AAA Northwest Regional. Currently he is roaming right field for the Trojan baseball team. Besides Nike, Miller is planning on attending Metro-Index and possibly a camp at the Naval Academy.

According to Offensive Coordinator Brian Wright, the Trojans are toying with the idea of playing Miller at FB this season instead of TE on offense. Miller had 10 receptions, 205 yards and one touchdown on offense, on defense he made 40 tackles, 2 sacks, and forced 3 fumbles.

"He is a physical specimen, and a great athlete," said Wright

Insiders interview with LB Josh Miller Johnstown High School

How would you describe your play?

"I am real aggressive, and physical. I try and knock people out."

What players in the NFL or college do you look up to?

"Lavar Arrington and Ray Lewis, they are both real physical and aggressive."

What do you plan on majoring in at college?


What types of environment do you like, Urban or Rural?

"I live in a small city now, so I'd say Urban."

Tell me something unique about yourself?

" We have a camp for Pee Wee football players at Johnstown, we teach them fundamentals and I really enjoy that."

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