PA kicker touring Europe

Although it's not a rarity to see a successful soccer player develop into a good kicker in football, it is rare when one has Olympic potential in soccer and favors football. Such is the case for one Western PA teenager.

K Patrick McAfee 6-1, 200 Plum High School, Plum Boro was selected by regional scouts to be part of the ODP (Olympic Development Team) Region 1 Team. The team consists of 18 players from locations along the East Coast fro Virginia to Maine. The team will be touring Austria and Switzerland for 10 days; the game most of the youngsters are looking forward to is a match-up against the Manchester Youth, a European super power in developmental soccer.

McAfee was 7- 9 on field goal attempts in 2003. His longest was 46 yards. He has kicked off the ground for distances up to 65 yards. Patrick also has a streak for consecutive xp's made with no misses.

"I'm not sure of an exact total but I know I haven't missed one. I am going to try my best to extend the streak through the 2004 season," said McAfee.

Despite his prowess as a soccer player, McAfee wants to play football in college. Five teams have been courting Patrick the most including: Pittsburgh, Penn State, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Northwestern. His early favorites are Penn State, Iowa, Pittsburgh, Stanford, and WVU.

When asked if one team had an advantage over any of the other's, McAfee said without hesitation.

"Penn State is my first choice, I have camped there, and I really like the program. I grew up on Penn State Football."

Insiders interview with K Patrick McAfee Plum High School

Can you tell me why you like these five schools?

Penn State - "It's big, there are lots of people there, it's like it's own little city. I have always been a fan of Penn State."

WVU - "I have a lot of friends there, Morgantown is like a mini Plum."

Pittsburgh - "It's close to home."

What camps do you plan on attending this summer?

"I am going to kicking camp at Penn State."

What are your goals for the 2004 season?

"I want to continue my streak of not missing any extra points, I want the bulk of my kickoffs to go through the uprights out of the end zone."

Who is your favorite kicker?

"Gary Anderson. He's so small and frail but he always makes a team. He is old and is still getting it done."

When will you decide?

"Due to the Morelli situation, I believe I'll wait until the end of the process."

McAfee is a 3.25/4.00 student, with a max bench of 180 lbs., and a max squat of 450 lbs. He will take his SATS in May.

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