Exclusive: One on one with LaRod Stephens

The Insiders caught up with RB LaRod Stephens 5-8, 165, 4.48 tonight too discuss his commitment to the University of Pittsburgh. Here is what he had too say.

Q: First of all let me say, Congratulations on your commitment.
A: Thank you, very much.

Q: So tell me are you glad it's over?
A: I feel good; I am very relieved it's over.

Q: How did the whole commitment story go?
A: Coach Arcurio talked with Coach Harris, and he said too call him back Monday morning. Sunday night I sat down with my parents and we talked it over and decided that Pittsburgh was the best thing for me.

Q: What did Coach Harris say?
A: They welcomed me to the team; we discussed my future as a RB and how I will be used. I will probably get used as a return man and basically as an 'offensive weapon', but I will get a shot as a RB first and foremost."

Q: Have they said anything about gaining weight?
A: Coach Bray told me I am a football player. As long as I stay strong, and stay in the weight room that's First and foremost.

Q: You visited Penn State recently was that what made your decision too attend Pittsburgh?
A: I liked Penn State, but it didn't feel like Pittsburgh too me. I didn't even get too speak to the RB's coach up there, after my trip I was assured Pitt was for me."

Q: Did you discuss the issue about wrestling?
A: We didn't discuss it, I am just focusing on getting ready for football after track and baseball is over.

Q: What do you feel like, as far as being a Div-1 kid from Johnstown?
A: It feels good like I'm in the same league as everyone else like the WPIAL kids.

Q: Did the students or teachers say anything too you today?
A: A little bit, but not much. I was getting photos taken for the local paper and they announced it on the loud speaker.

Q: How does you're family feel about the decision?
A: They are very happy. My father likes how Coach Harris stresses academics, and the fact that Pittsburgh wants me too play RB.

Q: Are you going to be recruiting other's too come to Pitt, or are you going to be your quiet self?
A: I'm going to be old quiet me; I'm not into all that.

Q: Thank you for your time LaRod , and I look forward too watching you at Johnstown this fall, and I'm sure the entire Panther family does as well.
A: Your Welcome

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