Live, eat, sleep, and breathe football

It's very refreshing to do an interview with a young man, who has a passion for what he does. It's not often that you come across a young man who is mature enough to discuss the reason why he pushes himself to be the best that he can be on and of the field.

Most fans that read about high school and college football players don't understand that when you come from not having much in your life, you learn to appreciate what you do have and where it can take you. These young inner-city kids play the game, because they love it and it will help them get a solid education.

DT James Cole 6-2, 360 Penn Hills High School is a very nice young man off the field on the field that's another story.

"I set the tempo from the 1st play of the game, I want to strike fear in the kid across from me. I want to let him know I am coming at him the whole game."

James is not shy when discussing real life issues about football and college.

"I have the attitude where I play every game like it's my last. I want to achieve, I have been given the opportunity to be a good football player. I love the game and I need it. I can't afford to go to college without football."

Cole has been getting letters from Pittsburgh, Penn State, Syracuse, Maryland, Connecticut, Akron, Miami-OH, NC State, West Virginia, Colorado, Cincinnati, and Georgia Tech. There have been rumors that James was offered by Pittsburgh.

"I don't have any offers right now, unless coach Gordon knows something I don't know."

James lists his favorites as Pittsburgh, Michigan, Penn State, West Virginia, and Syracuse. He is open though and interested in whoever is interested in him. Pittsburgh is the only school that James has been to thus far, having made the short trip a couple of times. Several of Cole's teammates are receiving attention from D-1A programs RB Ed Collington, CB Ken Lewis, OL JR Robinson, and WR David Harvey.

At 360 lbs James lives with the stereotype that people look at him and automatically think he's big and slow.

"When these coaches come in and look at me they are impressed with my size, but they question whether I am quick enough. Then they watch my tapes and they get their answer. They all see that I have quick feet.

Besides getting a scholarship what are some of your other goals entering the 2004 season?

"I want to win we have a lot coming back we lost Morelli and Prokopik, but the cupboards not bare. I want to keep achieving on an individual level. I want to get a lot of sacks but there's not a lot of passing in our conference. I want to make more tackles, I like to get double teamed because when that happens it's freeing up one of our backer's to make plays. If team's are trying and block me with one person they are going to have problems. I really wanted a piece of Gateway this year, hopefully we'll meet up in the playoffs."

Who are some of your favorite NFL players?

"Warren Sapp, Vince Wilfork, Julius Peppers, Gilbert Brown and Casey Hampton. Those guy's dominate on the field."

What are the main criteria for you when you make a choice of college's to attend?

"The environment, I just want to be happy. I want to be able to learn and get an education and prepare for life after football."

What are you currently doing?

"I'm throwing the Shot put for the track team and running for football, my best throw is around 45'."

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