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Year in and year out Glenville High school in Ohio seems to have a wealth of talent. Each year under Ted Ginn they seem to produce one on the top 5 kids in the entire state. The past two years Glenville has produced Donte Whitner and Teddy Ginn Jr. both went to Ohio State and both were Marquee players nationally.

Besides the top talent, there are a number of quality Glenville alumni on D-1A rosters Michael Hearns-Pittsburgh, Darius Hiley-Ohio State, Pierre Woods-Michigan, Dante Cloud-Akron, Jamell Benjamin-Akron, and Curtis Terry-Ohio State.

This year the top dog may be DE Curtis Smith 6-2, 235, 4.6, 350 lb. bench, and 525 lb. squat. Curtis made 92 tackles and 12 sacks in 2003 while earning 1st Team All-District honors, and the Blue Chip Award given out by the Columbus TD Club. Smith has several other very good teammates, but his recent showing at the Nike Combine in Columbus may have pushed him to the forefront. Smith doesn't have any offers as of yet which is hard to believe, but most schools are awaiting his ACT scores, which he expects soon.

Smith has been hearing from LSU, Ohio State, Michigan, Iowa, Michigan State, Alabama, Pittsburgh, and Penn State the most. The only school Curtis has been to so far is Ohio State for one of their junior days, so how was the trip? "It was alright," said Smith

Smith's favorites include Ohio State, LSU, USC, Miami, Pittsburgh, and Michigan. Curtis has ties to Michigan, Ohio State, and Pittsburgh. I talk to Hearns a lot and Pierre, and there are a bunch of guy's at OSU from Glenville. Do these guys's try and recruit you to their schools?

"We all talk and they give me pointers, Pierre wants me to go Michigan because Ohio State is the enemy there, the Ohio State guy's talk the same about Michigan, and Mike really likes Pittsburgh."

"No matter where I choose I'm going to have a tough decision to make."

Since Glenville has had so many prominent recruits come through the system and with the attention that Teddy Ginn received, did that prepare you for what you are going through?

"It has prepared me for the whole process, it gave me experience in how to handle it all. I didn't know if I would get the attention that Teddy did, but it is starting to turn into that now."

Would you say you rely on speed or power?

"I play off the edge, I use speed and power. I can go through you or I can chase you down. I don't let anyone past me."

What are your goals for the 2004 season?

"To make it past the 1st round of the playoffs we were 9-2 last year."

Who is your favorite Player in college or the NFL to watch and why?

"I like Will Smith he plays his heart out and he's determined."

What are some of the main factors that will aid in your decision process?

"I think it would be nice to go somewhere and help build a program, playing time will be important. I want to play early so I will look over the depth charts for sure."

I hear you are a pretty decent hoop's player also?

"I averaged around 20 points a game as the 6th man. I like coming off the bench. I can sit there and check out the opponent if they're weak inside I can go down low and bang. I have a good shot so I can even play SG as well."

What are you doing now?

"I throw the shot and discus for the track team. My best throw in the shot is 51' I just threw that last Saturday at a meet. My best throw in the discus is 150', I qualified for Districts last year."

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