Penn State Nike Combine-Running Backs

Over the next few days we will attempt to give you some information on players that we had the chance to watch and evaluate at Penn State there were over 400 athletes in attendance so naturally we didn't get to see them all. This is my summary of the running backs that we did get a chance to watch (*Denotes Underclassmen).

Davon Smart (5-11, 190, Hackensack, NJ) - Thick upper body, very fluid when handling the ball, showed nice hands during pass catching drills. Smart has calves the size of a 230 lb FB.

Jerry Butler (5-10, 180, George Washington, PA) - Was a rather unknown going into the combine. Very fast, quick feet, nice acceleration, and elusiveness.

*LeSean McCoy (5-10, 195, Bishop McDevitt, PA) - Ran a 4.25 forty, not a big back, but he is only a sophomore. Very mature and well spoken when answering questions. Caught the ball well, nice change of direction, has that extra gear to break away from the pack.

Gregory Harris (6-1, 180, Mt. Vernon, NY) – Ran a 4.36. Has the body and the hands of a WR, very athletic.

Eugene Jarvis (5-6, 165, Pittsburgh Central Catholic, PA) - Jarvis came to Nike in great shape, he has definitely been hitting the weights, very thick and defined arms, showed his quickness during positional workouts.

Mikell Simpson (6-1, 200, Harrisburg, PA) - 4.38 forty, 4.3 shuttle, 30" vertical, and did 19 reps on the bench. Simpson showed off his overall athletic ability during all the drills and proved why he is one of the hottest prospects in the state.

Jason Gwaltney (5-11, 235, North Babylon, NY) - Thickest build of the running backs, definitely passes the eyeball test. Very smooth and fluid for a back his size.

Steve Slaton (5-10, 185, Conwell-Egan, PA) - Great physique, ran a 4.34 forty, 4.17 shuttle, and had a 38.6" vertical. One of the better backs in attendance. He looks so natural with every movement he makes. Much more powerful than I had thought prior to Nike.

Lamar McPherson (5-10, 190, Bishop McDevitt, Wyncote PA) - Sat out with an injury.

Mario Henry (5-11, 200, Erie Strong Vincent, PA) - Sat out with an injury.

Larod Stephens (5-8, 165, Johnstown, PA) - Tweaked a hamstring in track only participated in the bench and did 10 reps.

Eric Brickus (5-11, 210, Central Dauphin East, PA) - Very solid build for a FB, Eric informed me that he is transferring to Harrisburg and will be the lead blocker for Mikell Simpson this year.

Ed Collington (6-0, 195, Penn Hills, PA) - Ran a 4.5 forty, 39" vertical, and did 18 reps, Ed had a good showing during the drill work and established himself as a legitimate prospect.

Jeremy Bruce (5-11, 190, Blackhawk, PA) - One of the top 3 performers in the whole camp ran a 4.4 forty, 3.9 shuttle, 40.8" vertical, and did 19 reps on the bench.

Marlon Bayard (5-6, 185, Wyoming, PA) - Pound for pound best build of anyone in attendance. Very quick and powerful, but lacks the size most teams crave.

Shane Brooks (5-11, 218, Duquesne, PA) - Shane arrived late stretched out and ran the forty and ran a 4.6, 4.47 shuttle, and did 14 reps on the bench. Everyone was looking at Shane's oak tree thighs whenever he walked by them.

Jose Morales (5-10, 185, Holyoke, MA) - Nice build and very athletic tough runner.

Asaph Schwapp (6-1, 200, Weaver, CT) - Arms are bigger than most peoples thighs, didn't workout due to an injured quadriceps.

Matt Castor (5-11, 200, Linganore, MD) - One of the top 3 overall grades at the combine. Ran a 4.37 forty, 4.3 shuttle, 39.3" vertical, and did 24 reps on the bench.

Chris Bova (5-11, 232, Baldwin, PA) - Ran a 5.0 forty, 4.4 shuttle but did an amazing 45 reps on the bench.

Ryan Greiser (6-1, 215, Pennridge, PA) - Ran a 4.58 forty, 4.2 shuttle, 34" vertical, and did 20 reps.

Anthony Bizzotto (5-11, 200, Leominster, MA) - One of the top 3 overall grades at the combine ran a 4.32 forty, 4.19 shuttle, 34" vertical, and did 28 reps.

Daquan Cross (6-1, 175, Keyport, NJ) - Looked a little thin, built more like a WR, showed nice quickness and pass catching ability.

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