Penn State Nike Combine-Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Over the next few days, Pitt Insider will attempt to give you some information on players that we had the chance to watch and evaluate at Penn State there were over 400 athletes in attendance so naturally we didn't get to see them all. This is our summary of the Wide Receivers/Tight Ends that we did get a chance to watch (*Denotes Underclassmen).

Tight Ends

Scott Uziel (6-4, 245, Franklin Regional, PA) - Ran a 4.9 forty, did very well for himself during the one on one drills, schools have been asking his coaches about his footwork but he showed no evidence of bad footwork at Nike.

Garrett Graham (6-4, 210, Brick Memorial, NJ) - Looked undersized for a TE, built more like a WR. Good hands and nice fluid route running.

Jose Cruz (6-4, 235, Bishop McCort, PA) - Stock is rising as fast as anyone in the state, came into Nike as an unknown. Ran a 4.85 forty, 4.35 shuttle, 28" vertical, and did 11 reps on the bench. Jose showed great hands, and athleticism. The best overall ability of the TEs that we watched.

Jonathan Hannah (6-5, 265, South View, NC) - To think that high school kids have to play against him makes you feel sorry for them. The kid has an NFL body and for 265 lbs, is very athletic.

Wide Receivers
br> Malcolm Richardson (5-11, 147, Gaithersburg, MD) - Ran a 4.34 forty, which was tops amongst the wide receivers. Needs to add weight, but with those jets, he's a weapon.

Shawn Lewis (5-7.5, 155, Bishop McCort, PA) - In our eyes, he was one of the top 5 receivers at the combine. Shawn ran a 4.35 forty, second amongst the receivers. During one on one drills he smoked everyone and caught everything thrown in his direction. Only negative is that he's undersized.

Brad Dawson (6-1, 190, Thomas Jefferson, PA) - Ran a 4.5 forty, very athletic and nice size.

Jarmal Ruffin (6-3, 210, Scotland School, PA) - Ran a 4.5 forty, has the frame to add 25 lbs and possibly become a TE. Personally we thought that he and James McDonald were the best receivers at Nike. Ruffin uses his size and strength to get separation from defenders. He runs clean, precise routes and has a nice athletic build.

Willie Barnes (6-2, 175, Salem, NJ) - Ran smooth and fluid routes. The only bad thing about Barnes is that he looked very thin needs to add some weight. Other than that, he looked good.

Kevin Ogletree (6-0, 171, Holy Cross, NY) - Ran a 4.41 forty, which placed him in the top 5 receivers. Very impressive in every facet of the combine. We had him in my top 5 WRs.

Stephen Smalls (6-0, 180, Conestoga Valley, PA) - Ran a 3.86 shuttle and had a 42" vertical. One of our top 5 receivers at the entire combine. A little raw, but has a huge upside. Good route running, above average strength and had good seperation from the DBs.

James McDonald (6-2, 185, Dunbar, D.C./MD) - Along with Ruffin, the best of the bunch. Best build among the receivers, very precise and crisp route runner. Great acceleration makes up for his lack of sprinter speed.

Scot Riddell (6-3, 190, Quince Orchard, MD) - Didn't standout in any particular part of the combine, but performed well and was consistent all day.

Wolver Jean-Pierre (6-1, 190, Bergen Catholic, NJ) - Very athletic WR/DB combo player. Nice physique, very quick feet, and fast start step coming off the line.

Other's who were in attendance but we didn't get to evaluate were:

Kevin Cousins (6-4, 190, Huegenot, VA)
Brad Harris (New Haven, MI)
Brock Harner (6-3, 190, Littlestown, PA)
Oderick Turner (6-3, 180, Teaneck, NJ)
J. Sharps (6-5, 200, Westerville South, OH)
Patrick Freelan (6-0.5, 174, Brandywine, MD) - 4.44 forty
Barry Gallup (5-10, 163, Wesley, MA) - 4.44 forty

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