Guru Grill Volume #5

This week's question and answer with Guru Bob Lichtenfels and Pitt Insider.

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1) Willemakit: What's your take on Javon Ringer?  Does Pitt have a legitimate chance of securing his services?

Guru: Javon is a very fast and extremely powerful runningback.  If Pitt were to offer they might have a shot.

2) PittFan78: Are there any other O-lineman Pitt is close to offering?

Guru: Word is that McKeesport lineman Lawrence Green will get an offer at summer camp. I have no confirmation via sources, just from what I've heard.

3) OnAltoonaGoPitt: I am still waiting on your shoe size for 3 weeks now.

Guru: Size twelve!

4) GepDawg: Is H.B. Blades the next impact LB to come along since Gerald Hayes?

Guru: Blades is very capable although I think Clint Session is more of an impact player right now.

5) Theoaklandzookeeper: Does walk-on Joe DelSardo do anything for you this fall?

Guru: The way Joe played this spring may have earned him some playing time. During  scrimmages and also in the spring game, he was the best of the wide receivers.

6) PantherinWV: In your opinion, which high school players are you most disappointed the Panthers haven't offered scholarships to yet? Of those you name, do you anticipate Pitt will offer soon?

Guru: Melvin Alaeze is one of the best DE's in the nation. He had Pitt in his top 5.

Marques Slocum has proved he is one of the top DL in the state. He could play early at Pitt.

I watched (QB) Bill Stull work out at A-K twice; he is for real.

FB Jayson White is a throwback type of player with good speed.

WR Jarmal Ruffin proved at the Nike-PSU combine that he is a legitimate prospect. He also likes the Panthers. 

OL John Bachman of Moon has a nice frame and only needs to gain weight and more strength to be effective. I would rather have lineman who are a little light and can be built up. They usually have quick feet.

Nate Hartung could be very effective as a DT. He also likes Pitt.

Brandon Harrison is one of the best DB's in the Midwest and had Pitt in his top three. Pitt has yet to offer. 

TE Jose Cruz (Bishop McCort) claims to love Pitt. Could possibly commit if he gets an offer. This kids stock is rising, hopefully Pitt won't wait too long.

I would like to see Pitt offer the top 5 in almost every state. this strategy is employed by most of the big time schools. Who cares if you don't get them, at least make an effort.

7) Daboman: After reading your QB and RB reports from Nike camp, I was wondering if you happened to see Bill McDonnell (QB CB South) or James Bowes (RB CB South)?  I was wondering how they looked up against the best.

Guru: I didn't see either player at the Nike combine.

8) PinePanther: Who do you see as our next verbal and when?

Guru: Irvan Brown, possibly in June.

Jose Cruz or Lawrence Green, if they get offered.

9) GepDawg: Will UPS ever make a bowl game again with Joe Pa. as head coach?

Guru: Penn State has to start getting skill kids. They recruit lineman as good as anyone in the nation. PSU also has some big time LB's in their program. They have a glut of talent on defense, which could carry them to a bowl game.

I just think Michigan and Ohio State have gotten too strong in the last few years for PSU to compete for a Big Ten title.

10) Colethan: What's going on with Windell Brown? Is he coming to Pitt?

Guru: Windell got caught up in a situation at his sister's house where there were drugs present. Unfortunately, he just moved there at the time because he lost both parents. The sister's boyfriend eventually stepped forward and admitted it was his stuff and Windell was cleared.

My sources at Duquesne tell me he will more than likely end up at Toledo. He is truly a great kid and a great player. He was Pitt's to lose. He's working out everyday and will be an impact player. I am going to talk to Windell this week and get his side of this story.

11) Willemakit: Do you think our second running back for the class of 2005 will be Irvan Brown?

Guru:  Everything points to Irvan becoming a Panther. The only thing that could derail it is if any of the other backs commit before him. Pitt can't take to many at the position.

12) OnAltoonaGoPitt: After attending Panther workouts, in your opinion what players have changed your mind and moved up the depth chart?

Guru: Joe DelSardo, Michael Hearn, Mike Phillips, Kennard Cox, Joe Clermond and John Pettiford

13) SkepticSkank: Not including the previous two verbals, of all the players we're recruiting, who are the five you most hope we get and why?

Guru: (Billy Stull)- I think he's better than Morelli, he just doesn't have the weapons Penn Hills had. Stulls' arm-strength is just as good and he is as mobile. He's also more cerebral.

(Jason Kacinko)- Could become starting right tackle next season.

(Shane Brooks)- A powerful running back. Would be a nice 1-2 punch with LaRod.

(Michael Ray Garvin)- Shut down corner with big play ability. Garvin would be the best corner Pitt has ever gotten into the program.

(David Harvey/Nyan Boateng)- I don't think you could go wrong with either player. I don't think we have much of a shot at Harvey.

14) Theoaklandzookeeper: I was very impressed in seeing Greg Boone on video. I feel that he would be great at a number of positions for the Panthers. Do you see him fitting in with us?

Guru: Boone is unreal, he can play anywhere on the field. When I spoke to him, it sounded like he wouldn't go anywhere unless he had a legitimate shot at playing QB.

15) GepDawg: Who starts for the Panthers at LB this year?

Guru: Bennett, Session, and Blades.

If Vernon is eligible he could surprise. I wouldn't count out either of the McKillop boys.

16) OnAltoonaGoPitt: Since you have seen both LaRod Stephens and Eugene Jarvis, in your opinion what are the differences?

Guru: If only I had a dollar everytime I was asked this question.

Jarvis can change direction and speed, so can LaRod. Jarvis however stops and changes direction, LaRod can do it on the run. I think LaRod has faster football speed than Eugene. Jarvis runs with more power. LaRod has better balance. The only thing people find to single out about LaRod other than size is that he doesn't play in the WPIAL.

I don't care what conference or what classification a kid plays in, if you're a player, you're a player.

Both are great kids and tremendous athletes. I would love to have both of them. Both are 4.4 forty kids, ran sub 4.0 shuttles, and both benched 10 reps at the Nike camp.

17) GepDawg: Can all the talent at WR/RB shine this year with so many questions at OL?

Guru: Part of being a successful coach at any level is having the ability to adapt to your strengths and weaknesses. Walt will need to do this to have a successful season. I see the spread offense and whoever the QB is doing a lot of throwing on the run.

18) PinePanther: Any chance of the entire Fight Song coming back?

Guru: How should I know, I don't pay attention to that stuff?

19) JoPaTurfShoes: What are the criteria to becoming a PittInsiders moderator?

Guru: I think you should be fair, objective, and of course, a fan of Pitt sports.

20) Theoaklandzookeeper: What are Pitts' chances with LeSean McCoy?

Guru: LeSean is a great kid. His family likes Pitt a lot. I spoke with him and his head coach (Weachter) at the Nike Combine.  I honestly think if Pitt stays on him, they have a legitimate shot. They need to hound him like Michigan does with Justin King.

21) Willemakit: Who leads in the race for Penn Hills wide out David Harvey?

Guru: When I spoke to David on Friday he told me that he likes Michigan.

22) PittFan78: Out of this list who have been offered, (Jason Kacinko, Elliot Bates, Kurt Mattes, Brandon Richardson, Zack Anderson, and Kevin Wiggins) who do you think Pitt will land for it's O-line class?

Guru: Wiggins hasn't been offered, Mattes will be the toughest to land.

I like our chances with Anderson, Kacinko, Bates, and Richardson.

23) FORPITT: I know it's early but, do you have a player/s in mind that you feel will step it up for the Panthers this year?

Guru: I think Princell Brokenbrough is going to have a big season. I also expect big things from the defense.

Kirkley may have a big season if he gets any blocking and fends off Walker.


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