Is Rashad Jennings eligible?

For most of his recruitment, RB Rashad Jennings (6-2, 255, 4.59) of Lynchburg Christian Academy was thought of as a very athletic and big DE. After rushing for over 3,000 yards and over 30 touchdowns, Pittsburgh decided he was a RB and they liked him. After attending camp at Pittsburgh, he was offered and after a few months of pondering the offer, Rashad accepted over an offer from Virginia Tech.

Soon after signing day, most Pittsburgh fans started to rekindle thoughts of another big back in the 80s, Craig "Iron head" Heyward. A good comparison, but Jennings may be more athletic than Heyward.

His talent on the field has never been questioned. His grades and test scores have. While attending Jefferson Forest Rashad, started to see his grades drop and he felt as if he wasn't being prepared. He and his family decided he should transfer to nearby Lynchburg Christian Academy. At the same time, former EC Glass Head Coach Wayne Lance was preparing to take same post at Lynchburg Christian. Coach Lance instilled a better work ethic in the weight room and in the classroom. Rashad can bench press 425lbs. and squat 700, thinking he could do more if coach would let him.

"I was doing 700lbs and I wanted more. Coach Lance told me ‘no' because the bar was bending too much," laughed Jennings.

The scary part is that most of his Herculean strength came naturally to him.

"The first time I went in the weight room, I squatted 500lbs and everyone looked at me like I was a freak. At the time, I just thought it was normal to be able to do that much weight. It was the first time I ever squatted."

Rashad is battling eligibility issues right now. He currently has a GPA of 2.1 he estimates he needs an SAT score of 920. He is currently taking an at home study course which will raise his GPA, and he is retaking the test on June 5th.

So, how does he rate his chances of being a Panther come this fall?

"I think it's looking good, my GPA will come up so my score doesn't have to be as high."

What are you doing to get prepared for the season?

"I'm lifting and running. My forty time is now in the 4.5 range, down from 4.6. I have lost about 10 pounds. I'm at a solid 255 lbs right now."

I noticed you were in attendance along with teammate and fellow Pittsburgh commit Tyler Tipton. How did that go?

"I like Pittsburgh more every time I'm there. I am a country boy, so the city is a big thing to me, but I'm getting comfortable with it. I have some cousins who live about 10 minutes outside of the city so that helps."

I have been telling Pitt fans for months that Rashad Jennings is going to make a run at the starting tailback spot; do you think that will come to fruition?

"After watching the spring game I think I have a chance to play early. I am a big back but I am an every down back I can run, catch, and block. People see my size and think I'm slow but I've got some moves, but I'm strong enough to run through you also."

All right Rashad, thank you for the update and we'll talk again in a few weeks and see how thing's are going for you.

"Thank you Bob"

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