Penn State Nike Combine-Defensive Line

Over the next few days, Pitt Insider will attempt to give you some information on players that we had the chance to watch and evaluate at Penn State. There were over 400 athletes in attendance, so naturally we didn't get to see them all. This is our summary of the defensive lineman that we did get a chance to watch (*Denotes Underclassmen).

James McGillicuddy (6-3, 285, St. Johns, MA) - Had a decent showing, solid frame.

Derrell Jones (6-3, 295, Westlake, MD) - Did well in 1 on 1 drills, solid all day.

Jeremy Navarre (6-3, 240, Joppatown, MD) - One of the best builds I saw all day. Ran an impressive 4.9 forty, but still looks faster than that.

Mike Trotta (6-1, 270, Wyoming, PA) - Looks short, but very strong.

Joe Akers (6-1, 290, Hereford, MD) - Doesn't possess that menacing look like a DL, but is very athletic. He ran a 5.1 forty and did 34 reps on the bench.

Walker Lee Ashley (6-5, 285, Eden Prairie, MN) - Doesn't look as big as he is. Ran a 4.9 forty and did 20 reps on the bench. Very agile and great feet.

Melvin Alaeze (6-3, 277, Randallstown, PA) - Easily the most impressive lineman on either side of the ball, he has an NFL body, and the agility of someone half his size. Definetly had the best physique of anyone.

Mike Burkett (6-5, 200, Laurel, PA) - Looked thin, will need to bulk up. Appears to be very athletic, but raw.

Antonio Appleby (6-4, 235, Salem, VA) - Looks like a LB. Very impressive young man, quick off the ball, and uses his hands well.

Louis Woodland (6-4, 226, Spring Brook, MD) - Could make a very athletic DE. Possesses the speed and agility to play LB, but may outgrow the position.

James Cole (6-2, 360, Penn Hills, PA) - Needs to lose weight, but has surprisingly quick feet for a kid that big. Pumped out 19 reps of 185 lbs.

Marques Slocum (6-4, 330, St. John Neumann, PA) - Big time DT, dominated 1-on-1 drills. Ran a 5.06 forty, 5.24 shuttle, and did 22 reps on the bench.

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