Has his coming out party at MSL-Cincinnati

<b>Plum Boro (PA) </b> Patrick McAfee (6-1, 200) has one of the strongest legs of any kicker in the Atlantic Region. Not only is it strong, but very accurate. Patrick took part in the MSL/Insiders Combine at the University of Cincinnati on May 29th.

After booming several kicks through the uprights with lots of room to spare, every time it was his turn to kick everyone stopped what they were doing to watch the ball fly off of his foot.

The most impressive part of the combine, besides his kicking, was the desire he showed getting there.

"I had my prom Friday night. I had to cut it short at about 1:30am. Me and my dad left and made the 5 ½ hour drive to compete. My date was not happy, but this was a chance to show what I can do," said Patrick McAfee.

Patrick was drilling 65 yard FGs at Cincinnati and has kicked even further at the Metro-Index camp in Pittsburgh, where he made an attempt from 68 yards out. During his junior season, McAfee was 7-9 in FG attempts with a long of 46 yards. He also has a streak of not missing an extra-point in his career at Plum High School.

"I'm not sure on the exact amount, but I haven't missed a PAT."

Penn State was at Plum in May and told head coach Bill Rometo that if Patrick kicks well at the PSU camp, they will likely offer. Penn State has always been a favorite of his.

"I have gone to camp there. I love the whole atmosphere."

. McAfee will attend the Big 33 Combine in July, the morning of the Big 33 Game in Hershey. The Big 33 game is an annual clash between all-stars from Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Patrick favors Penn State over Iowa, NC State, Wisconsin, Marshall, and Pittsburgh.

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