The Guru Grill Volume 10

Welcome to the Guru Grill. The Guru Grill gives the Pittsburgh Panther fans an opportunity to ask us questions about Pittsburgh football and recruiting. No question is ever left unanswered here on The Panther Report, the internet's #1 source for information regarding Pittsburgh Panther Football and high school prospects. Many sites claim to be #1, but to us, the proof is in the information and content that we provide.

1. NJBob: I notice we are to starting to recruit more in Texas. With Wayne Moses' background there, how successful do you think we'll be in getting top kids from the Lone Star State to come to Pitt.

Guru: Not very, the top kids are going to go to Texas, Texas A&M, or Oklahoma. We may pull out a few, but it's tough to get kids to leave their home state. I just wish the same were true for Pennsylvania.

2. Merda:
I noticed that most Magazines and other publications had Kurt Mattes as a top 100 player, it seems to me that he is being under recruited greatly, I wonder why that is? He seems to be a Kyle Mitchum in body and in speed.

GURU: I don't pay much attention to the magazines. Most of the information in those is just stuff gathered from web sites. Mattes has played TE in high school and he's 255-260lbs. He has tremendous upside, but you are ranking him based on potential.

3. Merda:
Nick Young what's the story on this kid? And do we have a chance with him?

GURU: The "Other" site thought we had a shot here, but no one else did. He re-committed to USC yesterday.

4. NJBob:
Do you think Pitt will recruit Jones' H.S. teammate Idris Lawrence? If he's a legit D1 prospect, we may have an edge with Jones' commitment.

GURU: We got Jones. Idris is a very good prospect, but he may be caught in a numbers game. I think the staff covets Bryan Williams a little more.

5. BladesandSessionforpresident:
Do we stand a chance with Kyle Newell?

GURU: He has Pitt in his top 3, so I think we have a shot with him.

6. BladesandSessionforpresident:
It would seem as though we need to take a few cornerbacks this year, with Windell Brown's status being questionable. Do you see us taking 2 or 3 CBs and who are the most likely candidates?

GURU: I think two Jones and possibly Williams. If another player shows interest and is high on the Panthers board, then they may take 3.

7. BladesandSessionforpresident:
How are Pitt's home ticket sales going so far this year?

GURU: I honestly have no idea. I haven't heard anything.

8. SkepticSkank:
A very large and loaded question. Recruiting this year is tough to call. It is obvious that we have lost some attraction to local kids. What direction of change can you see now until February?? Think about this comment. Last year at this time, we had verbal from AJ about to receive one from Morelli, was in and looked good with top 100 type of kids like Dewayne Jarrett, James Bryant, Rory Nicol only to lose them all. Is there the possibility of getting some increased interest from kids like Brooks, Kacinko and even King if we have a big season, or...if we have a poor season, will Walt be fired and basically we will be recruiting from scratch.

GURU: Brooks was very interested in Virginia, but they just got a verbal from NJ RB Mike Brown. Kacinko, I think, we have a legit shot at, as well as Rico McCoy, Lavar Lobdell, and Boateng. King seems to have no interest in Pittsburgh at all. I don't buy the recruiting from scratch all 4 kids, who have verbally committed and are good players with huge upside. That could honestly set the program back more than it would ever help it.

9. Themasterghoul:
How many WR's will we take this year? I think I remember 2 being thrown out there. But let's say Canada, Boateng, McDonald and Lobdell want to come here. Do we make room for them all? Are they all that good? Who is the #1 WR target? Or even better is there a Top 5 in order?

GURU: They are all that good. In my eyes, all of these guys are 4-5 star kids, McDonald may be a high 3. I'd find room for them.
1) DeSean Jackson
2) Lavar LobdellB
3) Darrius Heyward-Bey
4) Jessie Canada
5) Nyan Boateng
6) James McDonald

10. Scorchlord:
What's the status of Coach Freeman? I'd heard rumors that his health might lead to his retirement, but the more immediate concern, obviously, is how poorly Pitt's offensive line has performed. Is the writing on the wall by bringing in Bliel? Is Freeman on his way out, or just acting out a reduced role?

GURU: I'm not sure about Freeman's health, but he's getting up there in years and if you had to take a brow beating all the time from the media and fans, it may force you into an early retirement. He's a good guy and a heck of a recruiter, but he coaches the o-line and the run game, and both have been lacking as of late.

11. Pitt76Champs:
Why haven't we offered Lawrence Green yet??? He is supposed to be one of the best OL in PA and he's right in our backyard! 6-4 and 300 pounds and apparently a very good athlete, why haven't we given him a ship? Does anyone know when we will play a hand with him?

GURU: I thought he'd be offered at camp. Lawrence struggled in drills at Pitt and afterwards he showed me his knee. It was twice it's normal size. He has had a prior knee surgery and had some water on it that needed drained. They may be waiting for transcripts or tests scores.

12. PantherinWV:
Any updates from those recruits whose eligibility was contingent on the June 5th SATs - Revis, Jennings, and Vernon Smith?

GURU: I have heard through the grapevine that Revis may make it. I'm still waiting to find out about the other two. As of Friday, I spoke to Vernon's mom and he hadn't gotten his scores back yet. Bokor is taking a few summer classes to raise his GPA. He should be fine. Corey Davis is good to go also.

13. Themasterghoul:
I keep hearing that the Staff plans on bringing in 2-3 greyshirts on top of the 4-5 other OL they would bring in with this class. First off, is this true? Secondly, and I know this might be tough to answer until we know who signs where, do you know who the 2-3 candidates would be? Assuming they get the 4-5 they want to begin with. I would assume it would be guys they have not offered yet (i.e. Haulman, Kersey, Byrom....) Just wondering who the candidates may be.

GURU: I don't know for sure. Mike412 has mentioned that type of scenario before. It could be a very good possibility. I think you have to wait until the smoke clears after the season to see what happens. Another candidate may be John Bachman from Moon.

14. KoppelPanther:
With all the talk surrounding Walt and how much longer he should or will be at Pitt. If a coaching change is made do you view the Pitt job as a stepping stone job? Coaches jump all the time I think people take the stability of this program for granted.

GURU: Stability is a key factor in recruiting. I think the Pitt job is more than a stepping-stone. When you have one of the best facilities in the nation and you have the Steelers to use as a drawing card, that's a nice weapon to have.

15. GepDawg:
Stull to Cruz I'm dreaming of that potential pass-reception tandem in Blue and Gold. Where do we stand? And, will either commit early for the Panthers (or any school for that matter?)

GURU: I like Cruz and Stull. I like Richard Quinn as well. I think they have to wait and see if Botts makes a smooth transition to TE before they offer too many TE's. In a normal 25-scholarship year, I think Stull would've been offered. Billy is a great kid who comes from a great family and he'll succeed wherever he ends up. The more I see of Cruz the more I like him. The only chink in the armor is his upper body development. He has trouble with press coverage.

16. GepDawg:
I'm dying for Nyan Boateng to commit here. Is he still considering Pitt? And how could he not? He'd be a difference maker in football and would also have a chance to play for one of the hottest D1 basketball programs in the nation...

GURU: When I spoke to Nyan he really liked Pitt. He told me he calls Harris every other day. Then I read reports and he doesn't seem that high on the Conference. So, who knows?

17. GepDawg:
Let's talk basketball...Is Pitt now an annual power in D1 basketball? If so, does the national media view us as one, and will recruits continue to consider Pitt a top destination? If not, can Pitt make that step with another top 10 year?

GURU: I think they are close, but to be a national power like Duke, Arizona, Uconn, Kansas, or North Carolina you have to be consistent over a long period. Pitt has had a great run, but they need to do that for a few more years and advance past the Sweet 16.

Once again, thank you Panther fans for your support. Please post your questions for next week on our message boards.

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