Bryan Williams Talks about his decision

Last night at 11:00 PM Bryan Williams a shut down corner from Ohio came to the realization that the University of Pittsburgh was the place where he wanted to continue his football career at.

"I called Coach Brown last night, he called Pittsburgh and spoke to coach Junko and gave him the news that I was committing to the Panthers" said Williams

What was Coach Junko's reaction?

"He was hyped, he was kind of speechless, but he was real excited."

Bryan attended camp at Ohio State on Sunday and as any Ohio kid would, he was hoping to obtain a scholarship from the Buckeyes. In his mind he performed well at the camp.

"I blew it up, but Ohio State played me they come talking about how much they like me, and then they offered another corner. I just put two and two together. Pitt has shown me love from the start, I'm not being put on the back burner for nobody"

Ohio State was the only obstacle in the way of the Panthers obtaining a commitment earlier on.

"They had a chance and they blew it, they kept telling me not to commit to Pittsburgh or Michigan and all that stuff. I've liked Pittsburgh since I was a sophomore and I would've committed last year, but Coach Brown felt that I should wait and compare them to some other schools first."

The (6-0, 185, 4.49) shut down corner had 51 tackles and 5 interceptions last fall for the Griffins. On offense he backed up Ohio state recruit Antonio Pittman and rushed for 328 yards and 6 touchdowns. He was named to the 2nd Team All-State (Division-3) squad along with 1st team All-City, 2nd Team All-Northeastern Ohio honors.

"This year I have to play TB and CB, I'm just glad I ran track so I am in good shape. I'm trying to make first team all everything this year, I want to go to the All-American game."

Bryan is currently enrolled in summer school at Buchtel.

"I'm getting all my requirements for the Clearinghouse out of the way so I am eligible."

Have you spoken to Coach Harris yet about the verbal pledge?

"Right before you called I was on the phone with him, I called to let him know I had made my decision. He is out in California up in the mountains playing some golf. He went crazy he was real happy he said you know we love you at Pittsburgh and we're proud to have as part of the family."

I know your family is very important to you; can you share the reaction from your family when you told them with us?

"My mom liked Ohio State, but she's happy and she'll be behind me 100% no matter what. My grandma is just happy that I'm going to go to college it doesn't matter where it's at."

What are your plans now?

"I just want to focus on my senior season at Buchtel. We have a tough schedule this year we play Massillon, Glenville, North Kenton, and Warren Harding, and then the rivalry game with Garfield."

Are you excited that you'll be playing with Marlon Terry, Tim Murphy, and Steve Walker?

"It's like a family at Pittsburgh, It's nice to play with guy's you know, and so you don't really feel like a stranger, we can just play ball."

Head Coach Claude Brown was excited to see another Griffin attending Pittsburgh.

"Bryan is the 8th Buchtel player we've had go to Pittsburgh, we had Brandon and Deon Hayes, Darrell McMurray, Ramon Walker, Steve Walker, Tim Murphy, Marlon Terry, and now Bryan" said Brown

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