Eligibility Update: Craig Bokor

We have finally learned the story of whether or not DT Craig Bokor (6-4, 270, 5.0) of Hopewell High School is eligible or not, sort of. Back in February, Craig was under the impression that he needed a 2.0 GPA during the remainder of his senior season. After a paperwork snafu it was learned that Craig's GPA was not high enough to support his test score.

"I had to retake the SAT on June 5th. I scored 830. I actually was told I needed a 2.0, but they misestimated it and I needed a little more," said Craig Bokor.

Bokor is currently taking a math course and a writing course in summer school. Upon completion of those two courses, he'll be eligible, sort of.

"They are saying my principal has to sign of on some paperwork to verify my core classes then I'll be good to go," Bokor explained.

Bokor has been working out together with fellow Pittsburgh recruit Darrelle Revis at Hopewell High School in order to get prepared for the upcoming season. The two are planning on rooming together at Pittsburgh.

Bokor and Revis will be part of the Pennsylvania roster at the annual Big 33 game on July 24th. The game features the best of Pennsylvania against the best from Ohio. The game will be played at Hershey Stadium. Kickoff is slated for 7:00PM.

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