Guru Grill Volume XIII

Hello fellow Panther fans. It's time for the thirteenth installment of The Guru Grill. This is where Panther fans get the answers to their questions about the University of Pittsburgh athletics and recruiting by Panther Report and Big East recruiting Analyst Bob Lichtenfels. Our staff would like to thank you for your participation and in making our site the number one source for information regarding Pittsburgh Panther athletics and high school recruiting.

1) SafeHaven: Has Pitt offered Jeremy Bruce? If not, do you expect they will?

GURU: No, and I don't see it happening soon. They are set at RB and DB. He is a very good prospect, but there's not an immediate need for him, nor do they have the scholarships.

2) OA1994: Is there anyone from a previous class (either signed to Pitt or never signed) who the staff is in contact with? Any Jesse Pitt-types?

GURU: Not that I am aware of besides Windell Brown.

3) Panther1015: What can you guys tell me about Irvan Brown. I'll be honest; I've been focused mainly on OL and DL this recruiting year. RB was way down at the bottom of my list. Why aren't we going after Shane Brooks harder? By all accounts, Brooks is superior to Brown on paper - bigger, stronger, faster, quicker, etc.

GURU: You can't go after Brooks any harder than they have done already. Just because a kid doesn't verbal by August doesn't mean they aren't after him. He's been to Pitt at least 6-7 times. Brown is a nice athlete. He could end up at safety. He is a very good RB who has produced at the highest level in New York. He's a tremendous pass catcher out of the backfield.

4) Steelcurtain55: In my opinion the best players I've seen in HS during the Walt Harris tenure are: (Dustin Picciotti, Steve Breaston, Justin King, Lavar Arrington, Tyler Palko, James Bryant, Craig Bokor, Marlin Jackson, and Joel Holler). How would you rank them in their importance on the outcome of a HS game?

GURU: First off, I add Darrelle Revis to that list.
Tyler Palko
Steve Breaston
Lavar Arrington
Dustin Picciotti
Justin King
James Bryant
Marlin Jackson
Craig Bokor
Joel Holler

5) CaptainH: Morgan Thomas - friends of mine in the area are shocked that he doesn't already have a few offers. Any information regarding his status? Is he just caught up in the numbers of so many talented PA linemen?

GURU: I think the knock on him right now is his height. Zach Haulman is another kid in the same predicament. I have seen MAC schools offer some kids and I would take Morgan and Zach over many of them.

6) Pittfan78: Who will be our first BB recruit for 2005?

GURU: Mike Davis is the lone commitment for 2005. If I were to guess on the second, I'd say Ricky Torres.

7) SafeHaven: From what you've seen thus far on Jeremy Bruce, what position do you believe he's best suited for at the collegiate level?

GURU: As an athlete RB/slot/return man, his experience on defense hinders him. He is a very productive RB and someone will give him a shot somewhere.

8) CaptainH: I was speaking with the Maple Heights running backs coach. Please give us your thoughts with respect to the following:

1. Richard Quinn - he feels Quinn is all but a lock for Pitt plus he believes Quinn is strongly leaning toward a pre-school starting commitment.
2. Danny Sadler - feels Sadler is in the same category as Jones and Williams. Too bad he was injured at camp.
3. Terrico Marshall - coaching staff gently suggesting a year of prep school for grades. Should be awesome once he gets it together academically.

GURU: Quinn was one of the best prospects that I saw at camp. He's a stud. He could be a huge weapon at TE. Sadler, I really liked him on film and at the MSL combine in Cincinnati, but right now it's a numbers game. Terrico is an intriguing prospect. A tremendous pass rusher off the edge and very athletic, he opened some eyes at camp.

9) Panther1015: I heard rumors that the current Panther logo and font would be tweaked to look cleaner and more recognizable at smaller sizes. Is this true, and if so, when will we hear an official announcement?

GURU: I have been hearing it for months, but not anywhere other than message boards. We all have our favorites but what people need to take into account is the amount of merchandise and money that is invested in the current style.

10.) Steelcurtain55: Bob, if you could have it your way, who are the remaining players you would like to see in PITT uniforms come LOI day?

GURU: I will give you a realistic ideal of what I see. My list would differ because I would want some unattainables.
QB- Bill Stull or Greg Boone
RB-Shane Brooks or Jason Gwaltney (yes, I know he's a WVU verbal)
TE-Richard Quinn
WR-Any of the following Darrius Heyward-Bey, Jessie Canada, Lavar Lobdell, Desean Jackson, Greg Orton, Nyan Boateng, David Harvey, James McDonald
OL-Jason Kacinko, Kurt Mattes, Zach Haulman, Zach Anderson
DL-Derrell Jones, Kyle Newell, and Doug Worthington
LB-Rico McCoy, Andre Mathis, BJ Travers, and Dustin Fortson
DB-Justin King (One can dream can't they)
K-Patrick McAfee
P-Anthony Piccirilli

11) CaptainH: Scott Uziel - seems to have left the radar screen after indications of bleeding blue and gold plus a potential offer after camp. Did he slip there or did others surpass him?

GURU: Numbers and others like Quinn and Jose Cruz I think are more desirable right now. I see Uziel as a Dan LeCarte type of kid who could eventually be a guard.

12) Panther1015: Which of the redshirted LBs impresses you the most and why?

GURU: When I see McKillop I see Grant Wistrom. He's a Western PA throwback, tough kid. Joe Clermond is a big physical kid. I think they have to find a spot for him somewhere.

13) OnAltoonaGoPitt: Who was the former Pitt baseball player that was roommates with walk on punter Denny Terzich?

GURU: That's a tough one, maybe Mickey Vincent.

14) Scorchlord: Who are the hoops recruits currently high on Pitt right now, and which are actually like to commit?

GURU: Ricky Torres, Tyrell Biggs, Danny Green, Jamal Boykin, Levance Fields, Vernon Goodridge, and Antonio Pena.

Torres, Biggs, and Green.

15) Panther1015: How are Benjamin and Ramon shaping up this summer? Which do you see making the biggest impact on the team this season?

GURU: Benjamin is on campus taking classes. I have not heard much about Ramon. I'm going to say Ramon the team needs perimeter help and he's a sniper.

16) Brooksy3: Why aren't we offering Bill Stull? He has us as medium interest and we haven't offered. Has he come out and said Pitt has no chance with him, even if we do offer? Seems stupid after losing Morelli not to go after a 4 star QB that's a local prospect. He looks impressive on game tape.

GURU: Billy was hoping to get a Pitt offer. I know Pitt has told Greg Boone he's the only QB they were offering. If he goes elsewhere or Pitt thinks they have no shot, then they may look elsewhere. Pitt is loaded at QB and with the low scholarship numbers that probably has more to do with it than Stull's ability.

17) CaptainH: Jeremy Bruce - according to my Maple Heights contact, the Pitt staff was all over him, Quinn plus some others at camp. He said that he'd love to have him at his HS and was shocked that there was no offer. Why the delay?

GURU: See the first question and answer. I didn't see the staff all over him. I wouldn't totally count out an offer, but it won't come until others show no interest.

18) Daboman: Who are the top sleepers to come out of WH camp that you think Pitt will/have offered that Pitt has a great chance with?

GURU: The two I'd pick who were offered and committed already who are going to shock Pitt fans are Marlon Terry and Dominic Jones. I don't know if you can consider Jones a sleeper, so I'd say Terry and Plantation DB Brandon "Headache" Jackson.

19) Panther1015: Any word from your birdie(s) about how the OL is shaping up? Any surprises emerging?

GURU: Not yet, the staff has been out of town for the past couple of weeks. There are some players working out on their own.

20) OA1994: What is Windell Brown's status? Did the staff indeed lose him to someone else?

GURU: Windell will attend Lackawanna Junior College. It's not the staff's fault. They don't take the SAT for kids. Windell has some areas he needs to improve on and in 2 years he'll make someone a helluva RB.

21) Skeptic Skank: Who is this Car, and why is he coming to the Insiders?

GURU: Lee_Corsos_Rental_Car. I guess the Insiders is the cool place to be right now…lol.

22) Pitt1999: How would you rank our verbals so far in order of who you think will have the biggest long term impact?

LaRod Stephens
Bryan Williams
Dominic Jones
John Brown
Marlon Terry
Irvan Brown

23) Panther1015: How big is Adam Gunn now? Could he become a LB-sized SS in the same mold as Sean Taylor?

GURU: I'd say 6-3, 205, he may become a LB. I don't know if I'd say Sean Taylor, he was a pretty special player.

24) Jester03: In your opinion, will Pitt have the best class in the New Big East?

GURU: I think they do right now, WVU and Rutgers are close. As for the finish, we will have to see.

25) CaptainH: (Brandon Richardson), any word on his grades/test scores? Do you think he'll come to Pitt if his academics are in order?

GURU: Brandon is a decent student, Pitt is his only offer right now so the chances look good.

26) Scorchlord: Any news on Chris Taft? Has he really filled his frame out to 275, and is he expected to turn into an Omeka Okafor-like destroyer for the Panthers?

GURU: All I have heard was that he was scheduled to play some games at Rucker Park and has not made any yet.

27) Panther1015: Have you seen FL OL Jerald Robinson? It seems that a kid his size in the middle of South FL only getting offers from WVU and Pitt means he's a major project. What kind of shape is he in and will you have photos of him and other newcomers up soon?

GURU: I haven't seen him, but from what I have heard he'll be a project. We should have some photos next month from FanFest.

28) Pittfan78: When is the spring signing period for BB, and when is the one in the fall?

GURU: Here's a link to answer your question:

29) OnAltoonaGoPitt: What poster asks the most interesting and bizarre questions?

GURU: Merda asks some good ones. We have a lot of knowledgeable posters on the site. I'd say the most outlandish would either be you or Golden boys.

Thanks for your continued support of our Guru Grill. Please post questions for next week in our Panther Report forums.

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