Two Sport Star linked to Panthers

He's an athlete. Plain and simple. It's the only way to describe Nyan Boateng and his basketball skills. Football fans know all about his skills as a wide receiver at Lincoln High School in Brooklyn, New York.<p>

"I want to play both sports," Boateng said, after competing last night at the Reebok East basketball tournament.

It's hard not to notice Nyan Boateng. He wears bright red sneakers and is always shifting north to south and east to west in one speed -- fast.

Boateng darted in and out of traffic all night, helping his team win by scoring 18 points. He can beat his man downcourt for fastbreak baskets or weave in and out of bodies to get to the basket.

At 6-foot-3, 190-pounds, Boateng possesses some scary athletic skills. "I want to work on my ballhandling this summer," he said. "And my jumper."

Nyan told us he plans on visiting Miami and Southern California in the Fall or Winter. "I grew up following USC," Boateng said. "But I have a lot of schools I am interested in."

Boateng mentioned interest in Maryland, Nebraska, Pittsburgh, Virginia, Penn State, Michigan, Florida, Memphis, Mississippi State, and Syracuse.

"I am going to Las Vegas and play with the Juice," Nyan said. "I may also go to the Five Star camp in August." Boateng then stated he is likely to make his decision and accept a football scholarship in February. And basketball will be part of it. "I can play both sports," he said with confidence. "I am trying to get better in basketball too. That's what I am working on this summer."

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