Big Bookend Tackle Finishes Up Camp Trips

Hazleton (PA) – Hazleton High School may have one of the biggest offensive lines in the state, and quite possibly the entire country this season. They feature three players who are taller than 6-5 and heavier than 315 lbs. OT Ryan Mahovich 6-6, 320, 5.5 may be the biggest of the threesome.

Ryan has been attracting interest from Penn State, Purdue, Maryland, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Michigan State, and several MAC Conference schools. His early favorites are Maryland, Penn State, Michigan State, West Virginia, Pittsburgh and Rhode Island.

"My family have always been big time Penn State fans, I like them also, but I like Maryland a great deal as well."

The 6-6, 320 lineman has played all five positions along the offensive line. He graded out during the 2003 season in every game between 85-100%. He is a very strong and powerful young man with a max bench of 365 lbs. and a maximum squat of 505 lbs.

Ryan has attended camps at Pittsburgh, Michigan State, and West Virginia.

"I know schools like Pittsburgh need linemen so I'm very interested in them. Every camp I was at I was the biggest lineman there."

Mahovich is currently working towards trimming some time off of his 40, and conditioning to get ready for the 2004 season. Judging by the size of Ryan and some of his teammates Hazleton opponents could have a hard time stopping them this season.

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