Guru Grill Volume XIV

Hello fellow Panther fans, its time for the fourteenth installment of The Guru Grill. This is where Panther fans get the answers to their questions about Pittsburgh athletics and High School football recruiting from Big East Recruiting Analyst Bob Lichtenfels. <BR><BR> Our staff would like to thank you for your participation and in making our site the number one source for information regarding Pittsburgh Panther athletics and high school recruiting.

1.) Pitt1999: Since you had predicted Irvan Brown would probably would be one of the next individuals to verbal and was correct, does it appear that we may have any in the near future or before the season starts? Maybe a Richard Quinn?

GURU: Obviously I'm not going to name names, but there may be 1-2 more who commit by the end of August.

2.) NJBob: Do you think Walt has been given any specific objectives for this season in order to keep his job?

GURU: Win, would seem to be the most obvious. I personally think one would be crazy to expect a huge season this year. No matter how you state your opinion you are either a kool-aid drinker or a whiner to most Pitt fans, but I don't think he's going anywhere.

3.) NJBob: If Sessions & McKillop are suspended for the season or a big chunk of it, how will the staff adjust? Would it be too late to switch to a 5-2 alignment like we had with Hugh & Ricky?

GURU: I won't speculate on what will happen to those guy's, let's let the justice system run it's course. There are plenty of capable players at LB I don't see why the scheme would be changed.

4.) Panther1015: Where are my questions from Guru Grill Vol. XII? I just got a premium subscription and I can't find it anywhere. All I saw was a chat transcript between Bob and some KSU and UK fans.

GURU: On the front page there is a link to the previous Guru Grills on the left hand side.

5.) Koppelpanther: What do you think are chances are with Kacinko? I read somewhere else that he didn't like Pitt. Just wondering if you have heard anything different.

GURU: I don't know what you read, I have spoken to Jason since day one of his recruitment and Pitt has always been in his top five. Pitt was the first team to offer him, and that meant a lot to him.

6.) Dadschicken: Are there any new verbal(s) in the near future? Rumors and Speculation are viable answers.

GURU: If I gave that information I'd be useless, not to mention it would take less than one minute for the competition to get it. I'll say this I expect at least one more by months end early August at the latest.

7.) NJBob: With Stephens and Brown having verbaled, will Pitt still try to add a "big" RB in this class or will we look to address other areas with our limited # of scholarships (i.e. OL, TE, WR, DL)?

GURU: If they can get Brooks or if Gwaltney changes his mind they'll take either one.

8.) BladesandSessionforpresident: What is the status of Andre Mathis? I know Walt was a speaker at the Erie Sports Banquet (Andre Jr. and Sr. in attendance) and Andre's dad really respects him. Do we have a shot?

GURU: Andre has really not mentioned Pitt much at all; right now I'd say the chances are slim.

9.) NJBob: Any possibility Revis will be a safety or WR at Pitt? We seem to have a pretty good number of young promising CBs. If they work out, Revis may not be needed at CB.

GURU: Revis may be the best CB prospect from Western PA since Ty Law; I think that's pretty good. Depending on the depth elsewhere Darrelle is very versatile and can play a number of positions so I think it will come down to where he's needed the most.

10.) GepDawg: Great story on Nyan Boateng. What do you make of his talent (regardless of what sport he's planning to concentrate on) in football compared to basketball? And, do you think he's really considering Pitt, or just using the Panthers as leverage for other schools?

GURU: Thanks, Nyan has done well at some of the basketball events he's been to he's a tremendous leaper. Football he is special and that's where his future is. As far as leverage I think either Nyan is playing the recruiting game to a tee, or even he doesn't have an idea of what he's going to do.

11.) GepDawg: What's up with Mike Davis' injury?

GURU: MRI's revealed it was a bone bruise.

12.) CaptainH: We keep hearing about multi-sport athletes such as Revis and Boateng. Realistically, how many football/basketball combination athletes can a school have without diluting either the football or, more likely due to the numbers game, the basketball team?

GURU: It's not diluting anything these kids are better than most walk-ons and have offers to play basketball, so you can't really put them in the same mold as your typical walk-on.

Thanks for your continued support of our Guru Grill. Please post questions for next week in our Pitt forums.

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