Exclusive One on One with Darrelle Revis

CB Darrell Revis (6-1, 180, 4.5) of Aliquippa High School has made the requirements on his June 5th SAT test and will be eligible to play this fall for the University of Pittsburgh. Revis is one of the best Defensive Back prospects Walt Harris has landed during his tenure at Pittsburgh. <br><br> Fresh off a disappointing 34-30 defeat in the Big 33 game, Darrelle Revis took time out of his schedule to discuss the game, Pittsburgh, and recruiting with the Panther Report.<br><br>

Revis is known for his versatility. He helped his team to the WPIAL Class AA title and a PIAA Class AA state title. He is a lock-down cover cornerback with 4.4 speed. Darrelle played QB, RB, WR, CB plus kick and punt returner at Aliquippa. . Revis was named the Pittsburgh Tribune Review WPIAL Player Of The Year and the AP class AA Player Of The Year, averaging 15.4 yards per touch and accounting for 1,637 total yards his senior season. He was named to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette "Fabulous 22" list. Revis was recruited as a shutdown cover corner although he may get a look at WR also. As a junior, Darrelle had 37 catches for 369 yards and had three interceptions on the defensive side of the ball.

First off, congratulations on getting your test score Darrelle. I know your mom said you were working very hard.

"Thank you sir," said Revis.

Bob: What were your emotions after the Big 33 game?
Darrelle: I was upset. We played hard, we worked hard all week, and we got beat on a trick play.

Bob: How was it playing against Ted Ginn?
Darrelle: He is a great player. He's real fast. I had to cover him almost the whole 4th quarter.

Bob: Most fans figured there might be some tension with the Pitt recruits around Andrew, Morelli, and Bryant. Was there any tension or ill feelings?
Darrelle: There was after signing day, but everyone has gotten over it. Those guys have made the choices they thought were best for them at the time.

Bob: Did you guys discuss what could've been had everyone stuck together and went to Pitt?
Darrelle: We talked about it if Anthony and Andrew would've been solid Devon Lyons said he may have thought harder about it. We all planned on sticking together and putting Pittsburgh back on the map.

Bob: You've been running at Hopewell and working out at Pitt is that correct?
Darrelle: I was running at the track at Hopewell High School. Now I'm working out at Pittsburgh. We are in the weight room and then we do sprints there are a lot of guys there. They run sessions at 8am-10am-12pm. I'm in a group with my roommate Steffan Brinson and Scott McKillop.

Bob: The display you put on against Northern Lehigh in the state championship, may have been one of the greatest single efforts in the history of Pennsylvania high school football. Can you describe what that was like?
Darrelle: It was a great feeling, we worked so hard for that and no one expected us to get that far. As for what I did in that game, there are times now that I think about it and I still can't believe I did it myself. I just had a good day.

Bob: I'm sure you've heard the comparisons to former Quip star Ty Law. Is that fair for people to say, and how do you think you stack up with him?
Darrelle: I may have that kind of potential. He's in the NFL and I'm starting my freshmen season in college so we'll see. Ty is a great player.

Bob: In the Big 33 game you played solely man coverage, do you prefer that?
Darrelle: I like man coverage, that's how I was taught my coaches at Aliquippa. I think that's where the comparisons started with Ty Law he is a great cover corner. I like it because if you get beat it's your fault and no one else's.

Bob: How big of a factor was the conference situation, and how did it affect this year's class?
Darrelle: It had a little to do with it, but not as much as people think. Pennsylvania is a great state for football, and everyone knows that and everyone tries to get kids from here. It's very competitive now.

Bob: What was the deciding factor for you, why did you choose Pitt?
Darrelle: I want to make a name for Pitt, and put them back on the map. My family is here. I have family ties with Pitt. I'm a local guy and myself and the others are trying to get Pitt back to be a Top 10 team.

Bob: Was Pitt always the choice for you or did you have to think about it?
Darrelle: I had offers from Michigan State, Michigan, Kansas, West Virginia, and Penn State. I thought about it and this is where I needed to be.

Bob: In your mind, will Pitt be back in the limelight?
Darrelle: We tried to get the big time kids in Western Pa to come here, we got some talent, hopefully we'll have a good class this year, and build on the future.

Bob: Can they be a top 10 contenders again? Darrell: I think it's time for us to come up and move some people aside.

Bob: What does Pitt need to do to become an elite team again?
Darrelle: We have to schedule more out of conference games against bigger schools like Nebraska, that draws more interest to the program.

Bob: Last question, have the coaches said what they expect from you as far as playing time goes or will you redshirt?
Darrelle: Coach Rhoads told me I'd get an opportunity to compete right away for a starting spot. It's all up to me and how well I learn the defense.

Once again Darrelle thanks again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to give the Panther Report an interview. Best of luck to you and we'll see you at Fan Fest.

"You're welcome, and hopefully all the people come out and support us this year."

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