Guru Grill Volume XV

Hello fellow Panther fans, it is time for the fifteenth installment of The Guru Grill. This is where Panther fans get the answers to their questions about University Of Pittsburgh athletics from Big East and Panther report recruiting Analyst Bob Lichtenfels. <br><br> Our staff would like to thank you for your participation and in making our site the number one source for information regarding Pittsburgh Panther athletics and high school recruiting.

1) Pitt1999: What effect do you see on the Pitt program if Walt leaves at the end of this season or if Pitt fires him? Will it be for the better or for the worse?

 GURU: I look at it two ways, one if Walt has truly lost his zest for the game so to speak, which according to the local media that may be the case then a change may be good. I personally have not seen that in my travels to Pitt or my time around Walt. Stability is key to a successful program, Oakland has been a revolving door for assistant coaches, and the one constant has been Harris. A change could be good especially if it is a former Panther player or coach one who can restore the luster and return the program back to being a force nationally. Everything is in place a state of the art facility and NFL stadium. A change could be bad, Walt has run a relatively clean program here and has been successful, yes successful every fan wants a BCS game and a National championship but Harris has taken the program from the brink of destruction and turned it into a program that is on the cusp of greatness. He has won more games in his time here than anyone has since Jackie Sherrill won 51 times from 1977-1981. Difference is Sherrill went to the Gator Bowl twice, the Fiesta Bowl, and the Sugar Bowl during that span. The worst season under Sherrill was 1978 when the Panthers went 8-4 and played in the Tangerine Bowl. Sherrill also led the Panthers to a Top 10 ranking in four of his five seasons here.


2) Jester03: what is the secret to good fried chicken?

GURU: Just because I'm big boned doesn't mean I can cook!

Why don't we let Panther1015 answer this one?

"Good fried chicken:  Having relatives from the Deep South, I can answer this question for you".

- Marinate your chicken in buttermilk overnight

- don't over dredge the chicken.

- Fry it slowly at a medium temperature (300-325 degrees) in about 1" deep LARD in a cast iron skillet for best results. Turn the heat up to around 375 for the last 30 seconds of frying to make it extra crispy.

"There you have it - the secrets to damn good fried chicken."

Thank you 1015. Next question.

3) Panther1015: Do you think Donald Brooks will ever catch a pass as a Panther?

GURU: I think Donald is just happy he can even step on a football field again, we as fans look at the here and now instead of the big picture. Brooks overcame a horrible accident and is doing more than what most normal people would be doing. He's had an incredible run of bad luck, I heard the foot injury was relatively minor he'll be back.


4) Panther1015: Will one of our incoming WR's move to another position this summer, (i.e. Derek Kinder to RB)?

GURU: Kinder and Revis offer Pittsburgh a lot of versatility, both are capable of playing numerous positions. I see it coming down to an end of camp decision as the staff sorts through the depth chart and everything plays itself out.


5) Willemakit: Why aren't we hearing much about Dante Milligan?

GURU: I've been on the Dante bandwagon since I saw him shoot the lights out at Midnight Madness last year. He is a sniper, but remember the program is deep now as opposed to a few years ago. The big thing about Dante is he needed to get a little bigger to handle the rough and tumble style of the Big East. He'll be around don't count him out just yet.


6) ILPITTFAN: I heard about Terrell Allen being hurt. How bad is he and how long is expected to miss?

GURU: I have heard it also, but I have not seen any documented proof of it, as of yet, so I hate to speculate. I'll check into this matter this week and get a definite answer.


7) SkepticSkank: Concerning Coach Harris's petulant rantings in local paper, then his no show at the Big 33 Classic, is he sticking the proverbial middle finger back to the Pitt Administration?

GURU: Let me look up petulant in the dictionary first, ok. It is (unreasonably irritable or ill-tempered) wait that's my wife, just kidding.

I got word that he did attend the Banquet Thursday Night, as for the press conference I haven't heard a reason for that one yet, and it could be anything who knows that happens to all of us from time to time. I'm sure Harris is a little Petulant at the administration he's due for an extension and hasn't gotten one yet, this is quite common in today's day and age look at Hines Ward and Plaxico Burress. These guy's get paid a decent amount of money, they all have agents I'm sure he wants a security blanket can you blame him


8) Willemakit: Who do you think will get the most playing time at the 3 slot this year from coach Dixon?

GURU: I have heard Chevy is going to play the three. It all depends on the progress of Aaron Gray and whether McCarroll can be more than a sixth man. DeGroat is very talented, but I'm going with Chevy at the 3, Taft at the 4, Gray at the 5, Karl at the 1, and Graves, Benji, Ramon, or DeGroat at the 2.


9) CaptainH: (Since the two seasons overlap) how many players can be expected to be playing both football and basketball during this time period - which suffers due to any conflicts?

GURU:  I don't know of any players who play Basketball, while the football season is going on. The majority of the time the football player's wont play hoops until a few days after their season completes.


10) NJBob: Do we have a good shot at landing Vernon Goodridge? It appears his stock has been rising quite a bit this summer.

GURU: I don't think so; on all the latest articles by basketball guys he doesn't mention Pitt anymore.


11) Willemakit: What Floridians do we have the best chance at landing?

GURU: Ronnie Wilson is the only one I know of for sure that has said he'll take an official visit here. Most of the Florida kids wait and see if the Big 3 offers them first and then they look at alternative options. That's not always the case as with H.B. Blades he wanted to go somewhere different, but it is the majority of the time.


12) Willemakit: Are Andrew Johnson and James Bryant rooming together at Miami?

GURU: That prediction will live in infamy as will many others…lol. I have honestly wondered the same thing; I will have to check into that one.


13) Willemakit: Have you heard any news regarding James Bryant's early exit out of Corral Gables?

GURU: I heard he left early and was home sick, but who knows. He may have wanted to come back and spend some time at home before the Big 33 game.


14) Willemakit: Do you think that Jason Gaffney will have any impact this season?

GURU: As long as his knee holds up, I have heard nothing but good things about him. If he learns the offense, which I'm sure he will there is a definite opportunity for him here. I like the addition of an experienced guy in the rotation besides Princell.

From the Guru's desk: No body armor needed or "Birdies" allowed.

Here are some tidbits for everyone to chew on.

  • I interviewed Mikell Simpson this week. He is very interested in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately the love has not been reciprocated. Mikell has 19 offers, Pitt is the only school he's visited twice and he hasn't heard from them in months.

  • Word is Boston College has pulled their offer to Jose Cruz, citing his speed as the deterring factor.

  • A credible source told me a WR might commit soon. I could tell everyone who but where's the fun in that.

  • Anthony Morelli looked pretty good at the Big 33. I was curious as to how many people were watching the game thinking, "Can you imagines if Pitt had landed Morelli, Johnson, Lyons, Bryant, Shipley, Brown, Sales, Rogers, Haw, Oninku, Brandon Smith, Ginn, or Barrow. I can admit I did.  It was depressing.

  • Darrelle Revis is eligible.  Yes, I think he is the best and most versatile player in the state. Revis missed an open field tackle in the game, but so did a lot of his teammates. For the most part, he was on his man like a jock strap the entire game.

  • Steffan Brinson has bulked up; it was nice to see him have a nice return on the opening kick off. It was sad to see Ginn get him turned around and beat him for a touchdown. I don't know of any high school DB who would've stuck with Ginn. I really liked the excitement level Brinson played with.

  • Scott McKillop ok I am a big MAC fan. This kid is the best overall LB in the state, at least in my opinion. He is definitely the most consistent. He may not have the same big hype as Bryant or Connor. The kid is tough as nails, and he plays the game like it should be played.

Thanks for your continued support of our Guru Grill. Please post questions for next week in our Pitt forums. 

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