Panthers Davis, Commited to Pittsburgh

Mike Davis didn't get to play much of the summer circuit due to various injuries including a twisted knee. But the 6-9, 215-pound Brooklyn native has been working hard in rehab and should be all set for the fall.

"It's been going pretty good," said Davis. "I should be able to play pretty soon."

There's been some rumors circulating that Davis may be changing high school. At this juncture, that's all speculation. "I'll probably be at Xaverian," said Davis. "That's what I'm planning on."

Mike Davis remains fully committed to Pittsburgh and can't wait to be a Panther. The choice wasn't hard for him. "I liked a lot of things about Pittsburgh," said Davis. "A lot of my friends are going there. I just feel comfortable at Pittsburgh."

As he recovers from injury, he is continuing to work hard at improving his game for the college level. "I'm working on everything," said Davis. "I'm doing push-ups and I'm working on everything."

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