Pittsburgh Still High

Ricky Torres, the solid 6-4, 180-pound SG from St. Raymond's HS in the Bronx, is closer to choosing a school. He thought he had it down to a pair of Big East schools, but another future league member has been making a late push for his services.

"I have two schools right now, St. John's and Pittsburgh," Torres told the Insiders Report. "But Louisville has started getting involved. They haven't offered me yet though."

St. John's and Pittsburgh have both offered and have been involved with Ricky Torres for quite some time. But Louisville is a program that intrigues Torres in several ways. "I like Coach Pitino," said Torres. "I also like to run-and-gun and press."

When asked to call out what he liked about each of his three leaders, Torres noted how he liked the coaching staff of each program. He's still trying to figure out all the factors he will seriously consider in a program. Even if Louisville were to offer a scholarship at this very moment, all three schools are on the same footing. "I don't really have any favorites," said Torres. Location will be considered, but isn't a huge factor. "I really don't want to stay that close to home, but it doesn't really matter," he said.

Visits, official and unofficial, will play a role in the decision-making process. He's made unofficials to St. John's and Pittsburgh, and he would like to visit those schools again in addition to Louisville. He plans on making every visit before making a choice. "I've been to a lot of college campuses so I know how those visits are like," said Torres. "So I'm going to visit everybody. Hopefully I can decide by the start of school, so maybe at the end of this month."

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