Q & A with RB / WR Marcus Furman

<i><b>Panther Report: </b> Marcus, it's been a little up-and-down for you at Pitt, you switched a lot of positions, but you're back at running back, are you happy about that?</i>

Marcus Furman. I'm happy to get an opportunity to play, wherever it may be, whether it be at running back or wide receiver, but I think I had a good day today, so we'll see how it goes.

P.R.: Well, Coach brought your name up in the press conference, he said you opened some eyes with a couple of moves out there, and I guess that's something you can do.
M.F. I like to think so. I hope I can do a lot of good things in the future at running back or wide receiver, wherever it may be. But Coach Partridge told me he was talking about me; I thought I was just doing my job, but if he's talking about me, I must be doing something right.

P.R.: Is there a preference, do you feel more comfortable at running back than at the other positions? You played running back in high school.
M.F. I think it's just a matter of me getting there and getting comfortable there, but I think I can do well at either position if I get the opportunity.

P.R.: He mentioned some electrifying moves out there, that's the Marcus Furman I remember from high school. You did some of those things in high school, so I guess you still have some of those moves in you.
M.F. I hope so. As long as my hip can handle it, I'll keep dishing it out.

P.R.: You brought up injuries. You have been plagued a little bit by that. Are you feeling good right now?
M.F. I'm a little sore now. I haven't had this much activity in a long time, in at least a year, so hopefully my hip will be able to handle it.

P.R.: Knock on wood. Hopefully you'll stay healthy, too, so you'll get a chance to get out there and show what you can do. That makes a big difference.
M.F. Yeah, I'm looking forward to it.

P.R.: What about the offensive line? A lot of focus on that. You lost some people, they're wondering whether they can handle the job; as a running back that's very important. Do you think this line can develop?
M.F. I think all they need is time and you don't really know what anybody can do until you give them an opportunity to show what they can do. I think it will be a matter of waiting to see, when we play South Florida, how our offensive line is, and we'll adjust from there.

P.R.: What about motivation for this team? Last year so much was expected from the Panthers and you did accomplish some things, but I talked to Rod Rutherford after the season, not quite where he wanted to be and some of the other guys wanted to be. Is that a motivating factor coming into this year?
M.F. I think with us being unranked at this point, it takes a lot of pressure off of us. Being ranked shouldn't make you play any different, but I think that us not being ranked, we take that kind of personally, so we'd like to go show people what we can do.

P.R.: And hopefully, so movement in the Big East, it's going to be an interesting schedule this year in the Big East.
M.F. I think it'll be fun, it'll be a good time to get out there and play a couple of new teams in our out-of-conference schedule, and Connecticut in our conference now, so it'll be a different look for the Big East.

P.R.: Hopefully, it'll be a good year for you, too. I appreciate the time.
M.F. Thank you, no problem.

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