Q&A with Panthers QB Luke Getsy

<i><b>Jon Miller:</b> Luke, exciting time of the year, getting geared up for the start of the season, a lot of focus on the quarterback competition, sometimes competition's not a bad thing, though, you guys get to push each other.</i>

Luke Getsy: Definitely. Competition's never a bad thing, it brings out the best in you, and it allows a coach to evaluate who he wants to be in there.

Jon Miller: You lost a lot of firepower from last year's offense, but I heard you talking to some other people, and you feel confident that this offense can turn into a good offense.
Luke Getsy: I definitely feel that. It's like the other guy was saying, we're definitely re-loading. I think we have a great amount of talent. I think we definitely have the people that can step in and do the job.

Jon Miller: As a quarterback, you have to look at what's going on at wide receiver. You need some young guys to step up there.
Luke Getsy: Definitely, but I have a lot of confidence in them. We have a lot of athletic young receivers who are going to go catch the ball, and they're into it, you know. That's what's great about it: they all want to be good, so that's going to help us out a lot.

Jon Miller: The guys behind you will be interesting, too, at the running back spot.
Luke Getsy: Definitely, definitely. Bringing the offensive line back from being injured in the spring, that's going to help them out even more, and I'm excited to see what Ray and those guys are going to do.

Jon Miller: Last year at this time so much was expected of the Pitt team. It was a good season, but I talked to Rutherford and Fitzgerald after the season-it wasn't quite where they wanted to go. Is that a little bit of a motivating factor for this team?
Luke Getsy: I'd say a little bit. It's a different slate of guys and we're all coming together. We had a really great summer, we're coming together well and we're going to use last season to build on. I think that last season, we could have been more successful than we were, but that's just going to fuel the fire even more for us this year.

Jon Miller: Is it something to learn from?
Luke Getsy: Definitely. It shows us that we have to come to play every week and come to play every down, so that's something we've got to look out for.

Jon Miller: I appreciate it, Luke, thank you.
Luke Getsy: No problem.

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