Q&A: with Malcolm Postell

JM: Malcolm, what a difference a year makes: last year, coming into the start of camp, the Panthers were highly regarded by a lot of the polls and a lot of people were picking Pitt to have a great season.

I remember talking with Rod Rutherford and Fitzgerald right after the season ended, and they felt they still had a little unfinished business, it wasn't quite as good a season as they wanted it to be. Is that a motivating factor for this team, coming in this season?

Postell: I feel like anytime you have a new season, that's a motivating factor, because obviously you want to do better than you did the year before, and I just feel like we're a lot smarter this year, got a lot more depth, knowing guys are hungrier, so I think that we should do fine.

JM: The coach mentioned that he thought what happened with the defense last year was a bit of an aberration. Pitt's played pretty good defense in the past few years. He thought it was an aberration; do you feel that way?

Postell: Yeah, because Pitt had a tremendous defensive legacy around here for years, and last year, I guess, we didn't take the mentality that we were expected to. Everybody was thinking like we'll come back next year instead of just going out right there, but I felt like this year, everybody's feeling hurt from last year because none of us liked it, you know. None of us liked any of the things that happened, and the only thing we can do about it is come out for revenge this year.

JM: Is there a little bit of a mindset, too? He said that the team has to be physical on both sides of the ball, a little bit more physical. Is that a mindset, too?

Postell: Yeah, being physical's definitely a mindset. A lot of times we wasn't getting off blocks. That's why, during the spring and all summer we were working on defeating blocks and getting to the ball. That's what we got to do. Back a couple years ago, the defense, it was eleven guys around the ball all the time. Last year we just didn't have that, but people make mistakes and we get older and wiser, and that's how I feel we are.

JM: Just curious: not as much expected this year from the national media for this team, but you guys have expectations. Can you cause some damage in the Big East, do you think?

Postell: I think we'll be fine, you know. As long as everyone comes out and works hard and plays hard and plays like they're capable of doing, we should be fine.

JM: Malcolm, I appreciate it, thank you.

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