Green won't tip his hand

Lawrence Green is playing his hand slowly this summer. Already having received offers from Connecticut, Akron, and Temple, the guard from McKeesport Area High School is still mum on which school he's leaning towards at this time. With so many schools showing interest, which school is he most interested in at the moment? <br><br> "I can't say, you know," Green said.

And while Lawrence Green couldn't say which whether or not Pittsburgh was at the top of his list, he at least mentioned them first. The Panther Report talked to Lawrence recently, and he had this to say of his top six, in no particular order.

1. Pittsburgh: The Pitt person was real nice; the one I talked to.

2. Maryland: They treated me nice when I went up there. They showed me around a lot... They were doing a lot of construction around the area so there wasn't really much you could see. But overall, when I was going through Maryland, it was nice.

3. Connecticut: They brought their head coach (Randy Edsall) to the school to come check me out—to talk to me and stuff. No other coach ever did that, so that was cool. That really impressed me a lot.

4. NC State: I've talked to them, but I haven't talked to them. But the scout that came to the school, he was very calm. He talked to me a lot about the school, told me about the coaches around there. Also, my head coach (George Smith) went there, so he told me a lot about them too.

5. Cincinnati: I don't know much about Cincinnati. I know I have family that lives down there. But I don't know much about them.

6. Louisville: I don't know much about Louisville either.

Q: What was that put them in your top six?

"My Uncle used to be a football player too," Green said, "and he went into the Air Force. And he knows a lot about a whole bunch of colleges...He goes to the internet and figures out some of the top places. And he's had a good impact on me. We sit down and talk a lot."

While Green is wisely waiting before making his decision, it seems as though Connecticut's head coach, Randy Edsall, made a lasting impression on the recruit. It seems as though the representatives from Pitt didn't make the same impression.

Maryland, too, may offer something Pittsburgh cannot: a change of scenery. Green had previously said, "The University of Pittsburgh has a nice environment, but I think the city is boring. I've grown up in it all my life so I'd kind of like to get away."

Something also might be garnered from Green's list. A fine basketball player as well, Lawrence happened to list six schools that feature strong teams on the hardwood.

Acknowledging that Green stated that his future is in football, might the strength of a school's basketball program have an impact on his decision?

"No, it won't have an impact," Green said. "People say I'm good, but I don't think I'm that good at basketball. So I don't really look forward to playing basketball in college."

Q: But do you think there's a possibility? Does it creep into you mind a bit?


Well played, Lawrence.

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