Guru Grill Volume XVII

Hello fellow Panther fans, its time for the seventeenth installment of The Guru Grill. This is where Panther fans get the answers to their questions about Pitt athletics from Big East Recruiting Analyst Bob Lichtenfels. <br><br> Our staff would like to thank you for your participation and in making our site the number one source for information regarding Pittsburgh Panther athletics and high school recruiting.

1.) Gopitt04: I know any D-1 recruit can put together an impressive highlight tape, but I was particularly impressed with the tape of FB Andrew McMillan. He just looked like the type of tough hard-nosed local player Pitt needs. Will the Panthers offer, and if not, why.
GURU: I think he'll be a fine college football player, but remember Pitt isn't the only school who hasn't offered. McMillen hasn't received any offers not even a MAC offer. I'm not sold on the job the Panthers do in Western PA anymore so for me to try and analyze it would be fruitless.

2.) Willemakit: Have you heard a definitive decision on Princell Brokenbrough, will he be able to play in 2004?
GURU: I haven't heard anything for sure; the last thing I was told is that it doesn't look good.

3.) CaptainH: Is R.C. Lagomarsino still interested in Pitt?
GURU: If Notre Dame offers he's gone, with the verbals of Stephens and Brown I'm not sure Pitt would take him right now.

4.) NJBob: Which incoming freshmen will not be redshirted?
GURU: Robbie Agnone, Chase Clowser, Jerald Robinson, Nick Williams, Scott McKillop, Steve Walker, Adam Gunn, Steffan Brinson, Corey Davis (If Eligible), and possibly one WR and maybe Tipton. This all depends on injuries and extenuating circumstances.

5.) SkepticSkank: I hear next year in Pa should be a great class. Could you highlight who some of these Jr's to be?
GURU: QB- Zach Frazer, Pat Devlin, Jeremy Ricker, Mychal Skinner, Brad Phillips, Andrew DiDonato, Ben Ganter, Larry Weber, Matt Marshall

RB-LeSean McCoy, Jordan Kemp, Shaun Thomas, Brant Quick, Stephen Blose, Demetrius Atwell, Brandon Norris, Lamone Fox, C.J. Gray, Ashton Cobb, Travis McBride, John Shaw

TE- Matt Leddy, Colin Neely, Rich Lee, Mark Bidwell

WR- Wes Lyons, Terrance Beamer, Jayson Johnson, Zach Funke, Rockeed McCarter, Trey Womack, Todd Hughes, John Maddox, Aaron Brown, Mike Rhue, Dalen Broussard

OL- Chris Hanna, Trevin Cowman, Jason Kates, Jordan Krovic, Mike Kush, Darren Watson, John Pfund, Tucker Baumbach, Scott Courson

DL- Jordan Stevens, Jared Odrick, Nate McClain, Robert Williams, Thomas McEowen, Drew Gallardy

LB- Mack Stotts, Zach Eiseman, Greg Robinson, Jeremiah Hunter, Luke Ellison, Jason Kolodziej, Greg Webster, Nate Nix, Charlie Noonan, Brent Jones, Layton Dunn, Archie Donald, Dan Loheyde

DB- Darrin Walls, Dorin Dickerson, Chavare Chisom, Tyler Henderson, Mike Snyderwine, Nick Baum, Mike Landers, Jeff Marker, Ryan McDonald, Jesse Alfreno

K/P- Matt Lichtenstein, Marc Domonkos, Ed Wagner, Dan Hutchins

Athlete- Matt Kenney, Aaron Smith, Thomas Neiman, Naydon McDaniel, Brad Kanuch, Tobias Robinson, Adam Plantz, James Murphy

Larry Weber is the little brother of Dave Weber; Dalen Broussard is the little brother of Andre Broussard

6.) Pittfan78: What position would Ronnie Wilson project at in college, guard or tackle?
GURU: I would say Guard.

7.) IlPittFan: In the weeks leading up to the start of fall practices, what are the rules if any on coaching or players working out? Are the linemen able to get together and work on footwork and getting use to lining up next to each other, or they just allowed working out in the weight room? QB's and the WR's able to go out and pass and maybe our CB going out to give them someone to throw against? Just curious if all they could do is workout and watch film.
GURU: The coaches are on vacation during this time, a good number of players are on campus and they work out together. One day I was at UPMC Palko was throwing balls to Gaffney, Lee, and Tom Kail. A lot of this time is spent on conditioning, as for the exact rules I'm not positive on them.

8.) GepDawg: Do we have a serious shot at Lavar Lobdell, DeSean Jackson, or Jesse Canada?
GURU: yes, maybe, and yes. I look for Jackson to pursue a baseball career first.

9.) IlPittFan: Is it true that Lay and Walker are ineligible and if so is there any chance they get to play this year or just out till school starts and they earn some good grades? Does Bokor have any chance of making this year's team if he is not eligible? Any word on why Troy Banner was removed from the team?
GURU: Lay is now with the team, Walker I would be surprised to see him back unless he seriously changes some things. Bokor I believe will be going to Valley Forge he needs to work on his approach to things as well. If you saw Banner this spring you'd know why he allowed himself to swell to nearly 400lbs.

10.) CaptainH: Understanding that August is a slow recruiting month, when do you anticipate the next couple of commitments?
GURU: They just got Duncan; most of the rest will be sporadic depending on how the visits go.

11.) NJBob: With Walker gone, what are the chances Murphy will move from FB to RB? He seems to have a similar style to Kirkley. Furman would be the "change of pace" back. Do you see Pitt using a lot of 1 back sets, or will one of the young FBs be good enough to see a lot of PT (assuming Murphy does move)?
GURU: I would assume Kirkley will be given every opportunity to be successful, with the lack of depth he could get 20-30 carries a game. If Murphy moves to TB Kellen Campbell would likely be the FB, I don't think Yezovich or Tipton are ready. I would love to see them move Chris McKillop to FB if Murphy was at TB.

12.) SkepticSkank: Didn't Pitt beat out UNC for Chris Taft?
GURU: I don't believe UNC ever offered him, I remember it being Pitt, BC, Kentucky, and Louisville. I could be wrong though.

13.) NJBob: If Bokor plays this year; will he be limited to DE? He would appear to need to bulk up to play DT or an interior OL position.
GURU: He won't play this year

14.) CaptainH: What are the chances of offering Lawrence Green?
GURU: If you figure out Pittsburgh's strategy in Western PA this year let me know. I figured they'd offer at camp but Lawrence had fluid on his knee and didn't do quit like he had hoped, perhaps if he performs well in the first few games they'll offer.

15.) NJBob: Who will return punts and kick-offs?
GURU: I'd like to see Revis back there myself, I'm not sure anyone will know until game time. Allen Richardson could play a role here.

16.) DCPanther: Do we have a realistic shot at landing any of the McDevitt trio from Harrisburg - RB (McCoy), QB and OL?? I realize they will be heavily recruited, but have read that McCoy and his parents like Pitt and Freeman. Will the QB be Walt's #1 target since it doesn't seem like we'll be taking one this year?
GURU: McCoy I think Pitt will have a legit shot at, Kates will be iffy, Ricker In my opinion will be headed to Miami. There are plenty of good QBs next year Devlin and Frazer may both fit the Pitt system better. Miles Schlichter likes Pitt also.

17.) CaptainH: When do you anticipate any OL commitments?
GURU: During the season

18.) IlPittFan: Do you know what each position has to do to earn a panther tooth for their helmet? I have wondered what each position had to do to earn it, like D for sacks get one or 1 per TD for offense. But I know O line gets them too and was not sure if that was for a pancake block or what.
GURU: Some teams only give a sticker for a team win, other give them for individual performances a lineman could get them for pancakes, or when a back goes over 100 yards, etc…

19.) Willemakit: Why do you suppose Derrick Williams eliminated Pitt?
GURU: I don't think Pitt had a legit shot at him, sometimes these kids get stars in their eyes and it clouds their judgement from picking a school that they could thrive at and instead they pick a school where they will get buried on the depth chart, such as Barrington Edwards.

20.) NJBob: Who do you think will win the #2 FB job? In the event Kirkley and Walker aren't productive, is there any chance Murphy will take over at RB with his back up taking over at FB?
GURU: If Mason misses any length of time Murphy would likely be the #2 TB, and Kellen Campbell would be the FB if Murphy is forced to play TB.

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