Biggs In Pittsburgh

This past weekend, Tyrell Biggs made his first official visit. The skilled 6-7, 250-pound power forward from Don Bosco Prep School in New Jersey made a trip to the University of Pittsburgh, and it was a visit he thoroughly enjoyed.

"It went well," said Biggs. "I just hung out with the players, because I knew a lot of them already. The city is beautiful - it's a really nice city. I felt really comfortable there."

Biggs also praised head coach Jamie Dixon and the players. "The players were real nice and so were the coaches," he said. "I really liked their attitude too about the program. They thought I could play the three/four (small forward/power forward position)."

Throughout most of the process, Biggs has held a very high opinion of the Panthers program. The visit did nothing but re-enforce those feelings.

"They're up there really high because of the visit," said Biggs. "Mainly because I felt so comfortable there."

While Biggs thoroughly enjoyed his trip, he wasn't quite ready to pull the trigger on a commitment. He wants to see at least a couple more college campuses before doing that.

"I still want to take more visits," said Biggs, who added that he was "going to try" and take all five official visits that he is allowed. "I don't know when the next one will be, but I think it's going to be at Syracuse though," he added. "We still have to set it up."

Biggs also stated he wants to take visits to Villanova and Miami. "I don't have the dates set up yet," Biggs said. "I will probably take some in October."

Tyrell also said he will have Villanova in this week. "I think it's on Wednesday we are supposed to get together," Biggs said. "It's an in home visit. So I am still thinking about all the schools."

Biggs said one factor will decide his recruiting process. "The schools are all even," he said. "I am going to make a decision on how the official visits go."

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