New Offer Shatters Status Quo

Big things are brewing for LaVar Lobdell, the star wide receiver for Syracuse (N.Y.) Christian Brothers Academy. Trolling along with offers from several schools, a new team has offered, which threw everything off kilter.

"I've been getting weekly calls from coaches. The biggest thing lately is that USC offered me last week or the week before," says the 6-foot-3, 194 pounder who already is on National Hot 100 and the number eight wide receiver in the nation. "It changes things around a little bit. I've got to keep them in the mix now, of course Southern Cal scrambled things a bit.

"I wasn't really expecting them to offer me. I was pretty excited about that, my coaches were pretty excited, and so was my family. That is a great opportunity and I am going to look into that and just see where it goes."

Lobdell has not yet set up his visits, but that could all hinge upon how his team does on the year. Currently ranked as the number eight team on the's east coast top ten, Lobdell may have to take late visits.

"I'm actually in the mix of working those things out. Since I don't know when my season is going to end, I really don't know what weekend I will be free to really go down. Probably somewhere in mid-November or early-December.

"Right now it is going pretty well. We are 3-0 and our defense has been looking really good. Our offense finally woke up on Friday in week three. It was pouring down rain but we threw for 350 yards, and Greg (Paulus) had about four touchdowns. We had a pretty good showing because our offense finally woke up; we are just ready to get rolling now."

With the excitement from the new offer, and offers on the table from Arizona State, Pitt, Syracuse, Virginia Tech, West Virginia and Wisconsin, could Lobdell make a decision soon?

"If I did, then the public wouldn't know about it."

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