Guru Gril - XVIII

Hello fellow Panther fans, its time for the eighteenth installment of The Guru Grill. This is where Panther fans get the answers to their questions about Pitt athletics from Big East Recruiting Analyst Bob Lichtenfels.

Our staff would like to thank you for your participation and in making our site the number one source for information regarding Pittsburgh Panther athletics and high school recruiting.

1.) CaptainH: With Darryl Strong switching to TE/WR, what impact will this have on recruiting this year?
  • GURU: Rob Agnone has been working out as a QB in case of an emergency situation, Strong still attends meetings with the QBs. Pitt definitely has to bring in a QB this year, they seemed to have placed most of their eggs in the Greg Boone basket and I have not seen or heard anything that leads me to believe Pitt has a legit chance at him. My guess is most of their viable options will be off the table by the time they figure this out.

2.) NJBob: Do we have a potential replacement at LT for Petitti on the current roster?

  • GURU: It would have to be McGlynn or Williams with the other playing RT.

3.) Ikepitt: What are Monroe Weekly's stats?

  • GURU: I'll have to check but I was under the impression MoMo was suspended.

4.) CaptainH: What are their chances with any of the potential QB recruits?

  • GURU: The only QB that Pitt has been after is Greg Boone, and he is tough to get a read on.

5.) DCPanther: If the Panthers don't move Joe Clermond to DE, is he the heir apparent to Postell/Horne?

  • GURU: I don't believe so and Joe has been playing DE.

6.) NJBob: Since I don't feel we can count on one of this year's probable red shirt freshmen OTs to be able to start next season, and if (as I suspect) we don't have a potential replacement for Petitti, don't you think we need to recruit a TOP JUCO lineman to fill the void?

  • GURU: Many of us have asked why Pitt does not recruit JUCO's; this may be a situation where they have no choice. Pitt hasn't had a lot of success with these guys's think back to the late 90's early 2000 remember Mark Browne? He had little impact he played but there was very little choice in the matter.

7.) Willemakit: With recent BB targets committing elsewhere, do you know of any players the Panthers are likely to attract to the Pete?

8.) Ikepitt: Where is Windell Brown?

  • GURU: He is supposed to be at Lackawanna junior college.

9.) CaptainH: If not Stull, who (QB's) do you think they would start pursuing?

  • GURU: They want Greg Boone, whether they get him or not is another story. I don't believe they will offer another QB until they know for sure that Boone is interested or not.

10.) DCPanther: There's been some talk about Clermond eventually moving to DE (next year). Any truth to it?

  • GURU: He has already been playing there.

11.) NJBob: Could we take 2 QBs, or is it more likely we'll take one in 2005 and another in 2006?

  • GURU: I think they take one this year, next year the QB position is loaded in PA and Ohio so the next so-called franchise QB should come from the class of 2006.

12.) Themasterghoul:
a.) In terms of Corey Davis and Rashad Jennings, are they going the prep school route?
b.) If so, do you know which one?
c.) and, do think Pitt will re-recruit these 2 for next year?

  • GURU:
    A.) Corey is at Pitt, I have not heard anything final on Jennings
    B.) Pitt sends most of the kids I have seen to Valley Forge
    C.) They are still Pitt commitments

13.) Ikepitt:
a.) Any news on Vernon Smith?
b.) Where is he?
c.) Does he still plan to come to Pitt?

  • GURU:
    a.) none that I have heard
    b.) Don't know for sure
    c.) I can't answer that he is very evasive, he said he was coming to Pitt but who knows.

14.) CaptainH: Since the transfer of Luke Getsy, will Pitt show an increased interest in Bill Stull?

  • GURU: I would hope so.

15.) DCPanther: Has Adam Gunn officially been moved to OLB or is this a wait and see as determined by his growth.

  • GURU: He is taking a red shirt I'm sure on the scout team he works wherever they need him. One thing about college ball when you're a freshmen especially a red shirt I wouldn't even say you have a set position unless you are like Darrelle Revis.

16.) NJBob: With Session and Thomas as the top 2 MLBs, it seems a waste to have Chris McKillop as a 3rd teamer. Where do you see ending up?

  • GURU: I'd like to see him at FB. I have also said for quite sometime he'd make a nice DE.

17.) DallasBurger:
a.) as a football player what do you think of Pitt's weight program?
b.) I know there are several approaches to what method works best.
c.) what are the methods, what do we use, and how successful do you think it is or will be?

  • GURU:
    A.) Pitt has a beautiful weight room. Coach Kent is big into flexibility and not just strength. I think you can already see the benefits the way this year's team plays all four quarters. Kennedy always had a reputation for working well with the elite players; Kent works well with all the players.

18.) Ikepitt: How are Adam Gunn and Steve Walker doing?

  • GURU: They are freshmen that will red shirt they have a lot of learning to do just as any freshmen would.

19.) CaptainH: Will the Guru Grill be done monthly instead of weekly?

  • GURU: It all depends on the number of questions that are asked.

20.) Pitt1999: Do you have any idea of the time frame in which Princell Brockenbrough will be returning if at all?

  • GURU: I have not heard anything as of yet.

21.) NJBob: With the team down to 2 scholarship QBs, which member of the QB class of 2005 is most likely to be a Panther?

  • GURU: Greg Boone is the only one that I know has an offer.

22.) DCPanther: Is Adam Gunn slated to battle for PT at J.J. Horne's OLB position next year?

  • GURU: That will be dictated by how well Adam progresses into the system.

23.) Ikepitt: How's Steffan Brinson making out?

  • GURU: Steffan will be fine; he's learning the intricate details of coverage at the college level.

24.) CaptainH: At one time the board had a running list of recruits who were offered scholarships. Any chance on getting an updated version showing the active ones.

  • GURU: I honestly don't know who writes on the site anymore I saw a few articles but I'm not sure whom you'd ask for that.

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