Gateway to the King

Pittsburgh Gateway (Pa) CB Justin King (6-0, 180, 4.4) still denies a leader but favors Penn St, Michigan (9/25 official trip), USC, Florida (10/2 official trip) and Miami. All have offered.

"All these schools are really blurry right now and I just don't have my leader," says King.

"Penn St is playing a lot harder than last year. I'm pretty comfortable with the system they have there and they are recruiting me hard.

"I had a great official visit at Michigan. Out of 10 points, it scored a definite 10. I've got some old friends that go there, so it was nice seeing some of them and enjoying the nightlife out there. My host was Steve Breaston (WR) and he took me around the campus and introduced me to some of the players. The coaches didn't pressure me to commit and I didn't give them any indication of a commitment. I really didn't have a low point to that trip. They are doing well and aren't afraid to play their FR. Their DBs make some great plays too.

"I was supposed to officially visit USC this past weekend (10/15)--but plans fell through. We've got a hectic season right now and I just didn't have time. I still haven't rescheduled that trip, but hopefully I'll do it before I make my decision on Nov 15. I chose that date because it's in the middle of the season. USC is a great program though. They know how to win and they aren't sacred to play their FR either.

"I visited Florida too and that visit was great! I feel very comfortable with them. The players were very welcoming. My host was Terrence Holmes (DB) and he introduced me to the players and stuff. There was not one low point to the experience, except the weather at the time. It was 95 degrees and I was way too overdressed. The coaches didn't pressure me on a commitment there either, and I didn't give them any indication that I was going to commit.

"Florida has a rising program with a lot of young players they use as good weapons. They have some good WRs there too…real fast.

"Miami is a national powerhouse team and they always win. They bring in the best players every year."

Other offers include Florida State, Texas, Georgia, Nebraska and Pittsburgh.

King will also officially visit Penn St (11/6) and USC.

Eight game (7-1) stats: 20+ tackles/7 BP; 1352 yds rush/122 carries/23 TDs/155 yds rec/6 catches/3 TDs

2.8/900 SAT/no retake

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