Panthers in final 3, Decision coming

Tick tock. The final chapter is being written as we read in the recruiting process for Vernon Goodridge, a 6-foot-9 center from Philadelphia Christian Academy in Pennsylvania.

Vernon Goodridge is expected to make a decision between three schools -- Mississippi State, Pittsburgh, and Georgetown, according to head coach Darryl Schofield. But will a decision really matter for Pittsburgh fans due to the interest by NBA scouts in Goodrdige's skills? "He could make his decision in the next couple of weeks," Schofield said. "He could sign the letter in November."

The November signing period begins the second Wednesday of the month. Goodridge, who did not play in the IS8 League in South Jamaica, New York this past weekend due to being over the age of 19, is a great shot-blocking big man. His offensive skills did improve over the summer and he has attracted some attention from NBA scouts. So if Pittsburgh lands this Brooklyn born center/power forward, there will be plenty of anxious moments for Panther fans in the Spring awaiting Vernon's decision on the NBA.

"The Clippers came in last week to watch Vernon," Schofield said. "The Jazz (Utah) are coming in this week. So he will have a decision to make in that area next year."

So the hints are there in Goodridge's recruiting process. It's a chance three schools though would love to take just in case Vernon finishes up school, qualifies, and decides to take the college route.

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