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Welcome once again Panther fans to another installment of "On The Prowl". Yes, I know it's been awhile. For some of you that may be new to this column I will try to bring you the latest rumblings and grumblings as I hear them. Yes believe it not,  I do like to provide fans with meaningful information, not the average regurgitated speculation you are used to reading on other sites.


Is anyone else excited about Sam Young? This kid is tearing it up. Over the weekend he had 31 points, and 18 boards in a 79-75 win over South Kent which features supposed five-star NBA prospect Andray Blatche.

Then he goes off the hook for 21points, and 14 boards in a 77-59 win over St. Thomas Moore. Most experts have described Young as a warrior; the analysis appears to be on the money. Then again I'm a football guy, so what do I know?

Weren't we supposed to get a decision from LaVance Fields on the 10th? I guess I'll have to hold out on that new Gaucho's hoodie. Word is on the street that willemakit paid that 4-year old kid $50 to ask Fields if he was coming to Pitt during fan fest. Ok I'm kidding but it sounded amusing.

Ron Ramon looks to be very promising this season with his deft touch from beyond the arc. There's nothing I like better than guard depth the deeper the talent the less chance I have of complaining all season about Yuri. Ok Yuri I'm going to give you a last chance at redemption, a chance to prove me wrong. Where's my boy Dante Milligan, man I was tooting his horn as a sniper of the future. I still have faith in you money.

It was nice to see former Panther Charles Smith showing some love to Jamie Dixon recently, saying he wishes he could have played for him.


Ah yes the eve of "The Backyard Brawl", I still cannot believe that this is not a sell-out and Pitt fans wonder why people say they don't travel well. Now, ladies and gents if you can't sell-out your home venue against West Virginia who would want you at a bowl game? Don't use the Thanksgiving excuse, how many of you want to sit around with family that half of them you probably don't like anyway. Sit around and watch TV smelling your own scents after gorging on Turkey and all of the extras. Hey that sound's like fun maybe I'll stay home, nah I can't pass up the free ticket.

There will be a lot of prospects on hand, three official visitors four-star linebacker Rico McCoy, Defensive tackle Craig Bokor, and two-star wide receiver E.J. Morton-Green. Morton-Green is under rated I have heard nothing but glowing remarks about him, a Greg Orton type receiver only more physical. Ok, "Birdies" are you reading this so you can provide your reader's with some news? Sean Lee, Johnstown LB Josh Miller, Hopewell P Anthony Piccirilli, Brandon Richardson, LaRod Stephens, Donnell McKenzie, Tommie Campbell, Kentucky WR William Lewis, Eugene Jarvis, John Pelusi, Shane Murray, John Brown, Aaron Brown are among the names I have been hearing that will be in attendance for Thursday's game.

Not to say I told you so, but I did. I said Rico McCoy was genuinely interested in Pittsburgh. Ok I can feel it coming well if we wouldn't of spent so much time in Ohio, or trying to woo Rico we may have gotten Sean Lee, blah, blah, blah. Well that brings me to my next topic Sean Lee.

Earlier in the process I spoke to Sean and his father about the possibility of Sean playing with his brother Connor at Pitt. The Lee's seemed interested but Pitt had not offered at the time. After Pitt offered, Sean's dad said that it might cause too much friction between the two if one was at Pitt and the other was at WVU or Penn State. Take it for what it is worth. Then the Mike White story hit the presses and all Penn State fans were led to believe that a verbal was imminent from Lee. I spoke with Craig again, and he said I wouldn't say he's a PSU lock since he's at Pitt practice right now, and he's going to the game Thursday. Things that make you go hmmm…

Yes, Justin King committed to Penn State, Pitt fans don't be naïve enough to even think the Panthers had a shot. I was at the press conference and there were four hats on the table Penn State, Michigan, Ohio State, and Florida. Come on,  even if you don't like them show some Western Pa. Unity and at least put a token Pitt hat up there. I for one am glad he is going to Penn State and not Michigan.

One issue I have with Pitt fans is the constant griping about getting verbals from kids with 1-2 stars. No I don't think Pitt will have a top 30 class, but lets be realistic here, take a deep breath and think to yourself have you watched video on all these kids? Have you gone and watched these kids play in person? My guess is not one of you can truthfully answer yes to either question. I do this gig for a living and I have yet to see every commitment. Let's give it a chance and see what happens.

Ear To The Street

Rashad Jennings is not 100% cleared by the Clearinghouse, he likely will be soon but there are a few more items that need ironed out.

Craig Bokor will be a Panther in January, I have heard from some credible people that he got his test score and he is good to go. I will confirm this with Craig this week.

I spoke to Erie Cathedral Prep coach Mike Mischler about his troubled former star Jawan Walker. He told me Jawan is planning on red shirting this season and coming back next year. Walker will need to mend a lot of fences with the staff before he comes back.

Game Prediction: Pitt 35 WVU 24

Quaker Steak And Lube's Louisiana Licker wings that I consume: Two dozen

Thank you for paying attention, and everyone have a safe and joyous Thanksgiving.

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