Guru Grill Volume 22

Hello fellow Panther fans, its time for the 22nd installment of The Guru Grill. <br><br> This is where Panther fans get the answers to their questions about Pitt athletics from East Recruiting Analyst Bob Lichtenfels.

Our staff would like to thank you for your participation and in making our site the number one source for information regarding Pittsburgh Panther athletics and high school football recruiting. Due to the lack of questions some questions and answers may be outdated.
  1. 1.) CaptainH:

    There seems to be quite a bit of interest in John Bachman, who I've always liked. However, if he verbals, what does that say about Pitt's chances for Zack Anderson and Kurt Mattes. Would they find room for all three?

    GURU: Judging by the verbals of Bachman to Pitt, Mattes to Northwestern, and Anderson to Akron I would consider this question null and void. I believe that Pitt would've found room for all three of them if the interest were mutual.

  2. 2.) CaptainH:

    Jeff Owens - again there are presently several DT's on the commitment list, including Derrell Jones. With the limited number of remaining scholarships can Pitt afford another DT, or would this be the case of he's too good not to take?

    GURU: If you get a shot at a kid like Owens you take him no matter what you have to do, he's to good to pass on.

  3. 3.) CaptainH:

    The first choice for LB is probably Rico McCoy. How would you rank their preference on the remaining LBs such as Sean Lee, Dustin Forston, Eric Houston, and Ernest Williams?

    GURU: The prospect of landing McCoy doesn't appear to be very bright anymore. Lee has committed to Penn State, Forston to Kansas, Houston to Miami, Williams appears set on Akron, WVU, and Pitt. My concern with Williams is that he has yet to take the SAT test.

  4. 4.) CaptainH:

    There are a few well thought of potential recruits that have been unheard of lately. Perhaps these are all being put in a holding pattern while some of the other recruits are still on the market. What's the latest with the following folks: (OL) - Kevin Wiggins & Brandon Richardson, (QB) - Greg Boone & Tim Hiller, (RB) - Shane Brooks, Jason Gwaltney and Fela-Tunde Ogun, (DE) - Lawrence Wilson and Vladimir Richard.

    GURU: Wiggins seems to be waiting for something bigger and better, and that could potentially cost him in the future. Richardson is the same as Wiggins. Boone has taken Pitt off his top five. Hiller won't even name his offers, which to me is rather odd. Brooks will decide with-in the next few weeks. Ogun is still weighing his options he loves Pitt, but has not seen the love reciprocated. Wilson is set on Michigan and Ohio State, unless Wannstedt sweet-talks him. Richard and Gwaltney appear to be in the same position as Wilson.

  5. 5.) CaptainH:

    Was checking out the Stanford board to see what they are talking about with respect to the new coach and saw an article about Mike Kafka, a 3 star QB from the Chicago area. It indicated that he was in contact with Pitt and looking toward a possible offer. Is there any information you can provide on this?

    GURU: Several kids talk to coaches and come away with the feeling that they may get offered; it's a business move. It's a way to put a kid on hold or freeze him and keep him interested in case they need him.

  6. 6.) NJBob:

    Do you think Joe Flacco has the ability to be a solid D1 QB?

    GURU: Personally I don't see it, of course after watching Palko over the past season I may be spoiled. He reminds me a lot of the old Steelers QB Kent Graham stiff and not real mobile. He could become a transfer candidate.

  7. 7.) NJBob:

    Have you heard any updates on the elbow injury Pitt WR recruit Oderick Turner suffered in his final H.S. game on Thanksgiving?

    GURU: Actually I have not; I will try and get in touch with Oderick soon.

  8. 8.) CaptainH:

    I notice Owens is not listed as coming for an official visit. He has decided to look elsewhere, I guess? Boone had indicated, no Walt, no Pitt. Is that a definite in your opinion, or is he willing to wait to see what comes next?

    GURU: Wannstedt may be able to entice these guys into taking visits, but the odds are slim.

  9. 9.) CaptainH:

    How did the past weekend's recruiting go, particularly with the coaching being in flux? Specifically were there any indications for Mattes regarding a verbal?

    GURU: Yes there was an indication of a verbal to Northwestern. Ok, it's an old question. The visits went well especially for Shane Murray, Shane Brooks, Garrett White, Gary Watts, and Tommy Duhart. All seemed to be real impressed by what they saw.

  10. 10.) Jester03: S

    hould Pitt be recruiting the Dickerson kid from West Allegheny?

    GURU: They are, and yes they should be, Dorin will be a stud next season. It's debatable as to which position he will likely play but he is a blue chip kid.

  11. 11.) GepDawg:

    Does Pitt have a shot at Owens? If so, is there any reason to believe that a DT rotation of Boker, Davis, and Owens wouldn't be one the stoutest the Panthers have had since the "golden years?"

    GURU: Owens appears headed for other things, unless Wannstedt can save it or H.B. Blades intervenes. That would definitely be a formidable threesome.

  12. 12.) GepDawg:

    Do you like the (coaching) move, or do you think another choice would have been better?

    GURU: When you weigh out everything it was a good hire. Wannstedt handles the media well; he has a great personality that will win over recruits and parents. He has that tenacity and fire that a head coach needs to have. Pitt needs someone who can close the deal, for years Panther fans have watched all these 4-5 star kids come here and visit and go somewhere else. Wannstedt has the ability to keep them here.

  13. 13.) Pittfan78:

    It seems like our 2 Ohio corners are wavering the most with Harris gone. Also I'd probably cross Rico McCoy off the Pitt wish list if Jeff Long told him that Walt was his man. Greg Boone said he would not visit if Walt were not here. Pelusi seems like a lock for Pitt now that Walt is gone. With the Wannstedt hiring who else could be coming and going on our recruiting list?

    GURU: It will all depend on the next few weeks, and what assistants are brought in and the areas they recruit. Some assistants may have great relationships with some kids that aren't even on Pitt's radar; they may want to follow that coach to Pitt.

  14. 14.) CaptainH:

    Your thoughts on the team? Any guesses as to who are the top candidates to transfer? In order to get more scholarships would the powers-that-be be more apt to let them go or use a case-by-case basis?

    GURU: I'm a firm believer in all division-1 kids should have one unpenalized transfer, especially in a situation where the coach who recruited them is let go. It will likely never happen. I don't see any starters or second team guys leaving, maybe a Joe Flacco or someone like that.

  15. 15.) CaptainH:

    Extremely early take on recruiting impact? Who do you feel would be the "keepers" from Wannstedt's perspective?

    GURU: Long has said publicly that all commitments will be honored so I'm not sure Wannstedt has much of a choice. LaRod Stephens, Tommie Campbell, and Craig Bokor will be impact players soon.

  16. 16.) CaptainH:

    Which recruits do you feel would suddenly become interested in Pitt now that there is a change?

    GURU: I'd be lying if I said I knew the answer to that one. It will all depend on the next two weeks.

  17. 17.) CaptainH:

    Which recruits are most likely looking elsewhere?

    GURU: Same answer as above.

  18. 18.) CaptainH:

    Which recruits have probably already been contacted by other schools?

    GURU: My guess is all of them, teams have been playing the Walt Harris is gone angle since before he was actually gone.

  19. 19.) CaptainH:

    Which recruits, if any, do you feel are most likely to be told to look elsewhere?

    GURU: The commitments? None.

  20. 20.) Floyd420:

    You've recently made mention of a possible commitment. Can you devulge the identity of this young man?

    GURU: It will likely be this week or next, and right now it depends on whether he hears from Wannstedt or not.

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