Guru Grill Volume XXIII

Hello fellow Panther fans, it's time for the twenty third installment of The Guru Grill. <br><br> This is where Panther fans get the answers to their questions about Pitt athletics from Big East Recruiting Analyst Bob Lichtenfels. Lichtenfels recently returned from San Antonio, (Texas.) where he was covering the U.S. Army All-American Bowl and the junior combine.

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  1. Snoop811: Do you think Justin king might rethink his commitment?

    GURU: No, he is enrolled at Penn State.

  2. DW1945: Are there any plans to have any 2005 commits delay enrollment until January 2006 to open up a few more slots for the class of 2005?

    GURU: I have not heard anything about that as of yet; there was a rumor that the Walt Harris regime was considering that. I will have to see what I can find out.

  3. DW1945: About how many players might transfer out due to low expectations for PT?

    GURU: The only one that I have heard was Joe Flacco that was when Harris was here so I'm not sure where Joe stands currently. There may be some Getsy type of late moves, during spring or fall practice.

  4. DCPanther: I know its early into the off season, but do you foresee or know of any position changes of current players, i.e. Thomas Smith to DT, possibly Alan Richardson to CB.

    GURU: It's too early to tell, it would be hard for a new coach to judge until he sees the team in action.

  5. DCPanther: Same question as it relates to incoming recruits - Rashad Jennings, will he stay at RB or be moved with the recruitment of Shane Brooks, Craig Bokor - DE or DT.

    GURU: Bokor told me they like him as an end, he likes tackle. I think Rashad and Shane will compete with the other backs and may the best man win.

  6. DCPanther: What are you hearing about recruits qualifying?

    GURU: Brooks is 40 points away, other than that the only other one I can remember off the top of my head that was questionable was Marlon Terry. I'll find out where he stands.

  7. DCPanther: Are we honoring the scholarships for 5th year seniors? Who might/might not receive one?

    GURU: That would be total speculation at this point, and I'm not into that. We will have to wait and see.

  8. KayserSouze: I know it's early and a lot can happen, but please give me your call for next season, game by game.

    GURU: I think the only teams that will challenge Pitt will be Syracuse and Louisville. I don't have next years schedule in front of me, but that's my early thought.

  9. Pittfan78: Did Zach Anderson ever have an official visit to Pitt? If he didn't visit, is the new staff at least trying to set one up with him even though he verballed to the Zips?

    GURU: Zach visited, he just liked Akron better.

  10. CaptainH: which of the remaining pre-DW recruits who have not verballed is the new staff is still actively pursuing? I would imagine Pelusi, possibly Boone.

    GURU: Pelusi, Boone, Duhart, C.J. Davis, and Lobdell come to mind.

  11. JTWNCloudoDust: Any preliminary word on how the young offensive linemen (Clowser, Deluca, Robinson, Weber, and Williams) looked?

    GURU: Weber is a mauler, he is a prototype guard, he is really the only young lineman I have heard anything on.

  12. CaptainH: Is the staff concentrating now on home runs for the remainder of the scholarships, figuring that if they don't get a Kacinko or whoever it would be better to save an extra one for next year?

    GURU: Wannstedt is actively courting local juniors; this is one area Walt Harris and Bryan Deal were very bad at. Next year you will see what type of impact Wannstedt and the new staff will have.

  13. CaptainH: What positions are they concentrating on in their recruiting - OL or DL or best available/best they can pry from someone else?

    GURU: They need a few OT's, but basically right now you try and get the best available.

  14. Pitt1968: Has the Minnesota TE been given an offer by Pitt? If so, If he accepts do we pull the offer from Pelusi or do we take both and put Pelusi at Defensive end? Any insight on this situation?

    GURU: I will call Joppru this week, Gill and Buches are the only viable TE options right now, so taking two would not be out of the question, Joppru may be a plan "B" type right now.

  15. CaptainH: Are there any recruits such as Brandon Richardson that Pitt will continue to recruit or are they now focusing on individuals that new coaches such as Dunn and Walker might bring in?

    GURU: I don't see Pitt taking Brandon Richardson. Right now, the new coaches are probably looking at their lists and trying to sway a few recruits that they have relationships with. The class is basically done they cant have more than 2-4 ships remaining. So now you are looking at Plan "B" and preferred walk-on kids, and focusing on juniors.

  16. DCPanther: Shane

    Brooks, Bryan Williams, Marlon Terry, and Rashaad Duncan, are these kids qualified? If not, how close are they?

    GURU: See answer to question #6

  17. DCPanther: Isn't David Harvey a lock to go to Prep School?

    GURU: I think it's as close to a lock as you can get, unless he does something miraculous these last few months.

  18. Willemakit: With his decommitment from UNC, does Pitt still have an opening for Jose Cruz?

    GURU: Pitt doesn't want Cruz he is too slow as a TE, and not big enough as an OL. His best shot is at DE, if he adds 20 pounds of muscle. He was at camp and Pitt would've had him if they wanted him and they passed.

  19. Pittfan78: Since we aren't getting any from this year's game, how about the juniors that were down in San Antonio. Did you talk to any of them that have any interest in Pitt?

    GURU: There were about 15 kids with an interest in Pitt the best being Dorin Dickerson who is a total stud, and RB Jacob Ramsey from Independence near Columbus, Ohio

  20. NJBob: What do you think our depth chart at RB & FB will look like next season?

    GURU: Depends on if the new staff is going to let Jawan Walker on the team. Murphy will likely start out as the No. 1 guy, and then it will all be based on spring and fall practice. Kirkley should be shifted to FB.

  21. NJBob: Which incoming freshmen RBs will be redshirted?

    GURU: Right now I think Irvan Brown may be a candidate; Stephens is too dangerous they need to find a spot for him. It will depend on if Brooks shows he can play right away, I expect and open competition.

  22. NJBob: Do you think we might redshirt Mason if at least one of the incoming freshmen are ready to play?

    GURU: It depends on what the depth looks like, and if others beat him out.

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