Larry talks about the future of the program

One of the highlights during my trip to San Antonio, Texas for the U.S. Army All-American Bowl was getting to see Larry Fitzgerald again. I had the pleasure of sitting down with former Panther and now Arizona Cardinal star for about 45 minutes. We discussed a wide array of topics from Pitt, to bling-bling, to his incredible humility. Fitz is still basically the same wide-eyed, and humble kid I met at Fan Fest when he was a freshman. Here is a Q&A with me and Larry Fitzgerald.

BL: What brings you to San Antonio?

LF: I'm here representing EAS/Myoplex. We are teaching kids about the benefits of fitness and nutrition.

BL: What are your personal feelings about Walt Harris?

LF: He is a great guy, and an outstanding offensive coach. He is a very big reason for the success I have had, and a big reason why I'm in the position that I'm in.

BL: What is your take on the hiring of Dave Wannstedt?

LF: He seems like a very excitable guy, he is a Pennsylvania guy and a Pitt guy. Hopefully he can finish what Coach Harris started at Pittsburgh.

BL: I remember meeting you as a freshman; you were this wide-eyed kid with denim shorts and a backpack. How have you stayed so humble?

LF: I am the same person now as I was then; my pockets may be a little deeper now. Money doesn't have to change who you are. I come from a good family structure, and that helps keep you keep your humility.

BL: There have been several reports of famous Alumni like Tony Dorsett and Mike Ditka who have ridiculed the Pittsburgh program. Is Larry Fitzgerald planning on helping them and what is your take on that situation?

LF: It's easy for people to talk to the media and tear apart what they are trying to do. If you see problems why not try and be part of the solution. I definitely want to help in anyway I can. I love the University of Pittsburgh. I want to help it grow and become an elite program.

BL: People blame Walt Harris for the collapse of the 2003 team; do you think that is fair?

LF: No not at all. Coaches give you a game plan and it's the player's job to execute it and we didn't do that.

BL: Is Tyler Palko a legitimate Heisman contender?

LF: He's not just a candidate, he'll end up winning it. He is a great leader, and a tireless worker.

BL: Do you think Palko has a future in the NFL?

LF: Tyler will definitely make it to the league, and he will be successful.

BL: What has been the biggest difference between college and the NFL?

LF: The speed of the game is definitely faster. It is a job it's all about football.

BL: Your college degree was very important to your mother. You made a pact with her before she passed away to get that degree. What have you done to see that pact through?

LF: I'm working on it when I can I have somewhere between 60-70 credit hours to complete.

BL: I have heard several stories about Coach Kennedy, when he was at Pitt he never worked with the younger players. Kennedy has been close with you, what is your take on that?

LF: That was ridiculous; if you wanted to work he'd teach you how to get better. I think some kids looked at it as an excuse for why they under performed. Some guy's on the team had an attitude, like they didn't need it.

BL: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us Larry, and best of luck to you. Hopefully, Panther fans will see you in a Pro-Bowl in the near future.

LF: It was my pleasure, it's good to be around Pittsburgh people like you and coach Palko.

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