Guru Grill Volume XXIII

Hello fellow Panther fans, it's time for the twenty fourth installment of The Guru Grill.

Hello fellow Panther fans, it's time for the twenty fourth installment of The Guru Grill.

This is where Panther fans get the answers to their questions about the University of Pittsburgh athletics and recruiting from Big Easy Recruiting Analyst Bob Lichtenfels.

Our staff would like to thank you for your participation and in making our site the number one source for information regarding Pittsburgh Panther athletics and high school recruiting.

This edition of the Grill was behind slightly due to the chaos surrounding signing day.

1.) CaptainH: The indication was that there were around 20 scholarships, excluding any fifth year seniors who might not have theirs picked up or transfers. Any more precise number of available scholarships?

GURU: Shawn Simmons was dropped, I'm sure you'll see some 5^th year guys not being kept. The silence surrounding the Princell Brockenbrough situation makes me wonder, if the staff is trying to convince him to just move on. From what I understand Juwan Walker was going to be allowed to return if his academics were in order. This was the old staff that had this one planned, so it remains to be seen as to what the new regime will do.

2.) CaptainH: You mentioned Brooks was a little shy on his test score and Harvey would probably need some prep work. Are there any academic issues with any of other the current verbals?

GURU: Harvey may need more then a little prep work. I have heard two different stories with Harvey. One is that the Pitt staff stopped recruiting him, and two was that he was very interested. David missed a lot of school I would be surprised if he doesn't go the JUCO route. C.J. Davis told me when he committed that he was not qualified yet. Ernest Williams hasn't taken the test yet.

3.) Bear071562: What do you believe is our biggest need after looking at the verbals so far?

GURU: The biggest need was running back and they definitely filled that void. This is the deepest running back pool I can remember at Pittsburgh. I thought offensive tackle was, but believe it or not the staff was more worried about interior lineman at guard and center.

4.) Pittfan78: Now that Harris is gone, is Pitt going to go back to listing their players by their eligibility instead of their academic class?

GURU: I hope so, I always disliked that about any school that uses that style.

5.) CaptainH: Who are the juniors that were offered scholarships for 2006?

GURU: This is what I have, Nix and Kates I'm not 100% sure on yet.
DB-Darrin Walls-Woodland Hills, Pa
LB-Dan Loheyde-Gateway, Pa
LB-Dorin Dickerson-West Allegheny, Pa
LB-Greg Webster-Woodland Hills,Pa
LB-Jermiha Hunter-Manheim Central,Pa
LB-Nate Nix-Thomas Jefferson, Pa
DL-Jason Kates-Bishop McDevitt, Pa
DL-Jason Pinkston-Baldwin, Pa
RB-LeSean McCoy-Bishop McDevitt, Pa
QB-Pat Devlin-Downingtown East, Pa
Ath-Justin Hargrove-Baldwin, Pa

6.) NJBob: You've had many conversations with both college recruiters and HS players. Do you think moving up LOI day to (for example) the first Monday in January is a good idea? Why or why not.

GURU: I'm of the personal belief that NCAA football should have two signing periods similar to that of basketball August/September and the regular signing day in February.

7.) CaptainH: Do you anticipate any early verbal commits from the 2006 class? When do you think the first one(s) will occur? Thoughts as to whom or what position these would come from?

GURU: Webster or possibly Skinner if they offer. It is still very early I would have to talk to each kid and get a better idea of where they are at in the process.

8.) CaptainH: What's the latest on Marlon Terry? He didn't sign due to academics, and then there reports this was straightened out. Was the report correct? If so, does DW & Co still want him to sign? Are they pushing him for a gray shirt?

GURU: I put a call into Claude Brown at Buchtel he hasn't gotten back to me yet, I'll try Marlon this week.

9.) Pitt1999: Do you have any details of what the schedule is for this upcoming years recruit? When a coach is restricted from calling kids and all that?

GURU:  All the information is on, there are far too many rules to list here.

10.) SkepticSkank: What, if anything, have you heard about Pitt's recruitment of hoopster, Jamont Gordon?

GURU: Come on Skank, I'm not a basketball guy. I watch it but I don't follow recruiting. I will contact Dave Telep and Mike Sullivan; we do have the best basketball guys in the country so we'll see what they say.

11.) Gopitt04: Dorin Dickerson, Kyle Valway, Eric Rodemeyer, and Mychal Skinner. I know it's early, but I was looking through the database and these four guys have Pitt as "high interest". Do you have any info these guys, or their recruitment?

GURU: If I were to guess this early I would think that Skinner and Dickerson would be Panthers. Valway will not be a D-1 kid, and I have not seen tape on Rodemoyer.

12.) Gopitt04: I know it 's early, but do you think Pitt has a good shot at LeSean McCoy?

GURU: It's way too early to get a good read on what McCoy is thinking.

13.) Gopitt04: What players from the class of 2006 do you think Pitt has a good shot at?

GURU: It is too early; I just started with the juniors. If you want speculation I'd say Dickerson, Webster, and Skinner.

14.) Mike412: One of the weaknesses with last year's team was the long snapping, especially on punts. Buches' snaps lacked velocity. Any word on whether any of the incoming freshmen happen to be excellent long-snappers? If not, any rumored walk-ons for that spot?

GURU: Zach Haulman can snap, I'm not sure he wants to. Remember, the Blackhawk kid Estermyer was brought in specifically for this purpose but he couldn't play last year, so I would expect him to be the long snapper.

15.) Mike412: What WPIAL player would you predict will be the first verbal for 2006, and when will it occur?

GURU: You guys are killing me. I'll say Webster or Skinner. Good to see you again Mike.

16.) NJBob: What position do you think each of our new recruits will end up playing? Some are obvious (i.e. Stull - QB, Brooks - RB).

GURU: Bokor will likely get a shot at DE; with the RB depth I wouldn't be surprised to see Irvan Brown receive a look in the secondary. C.J. Davis was recruited for offense. "Mick" Williams will be on defense. The others are pretty set, but remember as injuries and other situations arise this can change. Look at Strong and Agnone for example.

17.) Pittfan78: In the database it lists Darren Rogers as 5'1. That doesn't sound like a very good prospect at QB. Is this a typo?

GURU: Yes, it was a typo and it should be corrected.

18.) Mistersteelers: Can you give us any predictions for next year's class?

GURU: I can tell you Pitt has offered 6-9 of the top juniors in the WPIAL already. They are being more pro-active then the old staff ever was.

19.) DCPanther: Any chance we can expect Pitt to garner some early verbals from local kids or are we going to have to wait it out as this year's local class appears to have much more national potential?

GURU: It does have more national potential, but there will still be some early verbals.

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