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Hello fellow Panther fans, it's time for The Guru Grill. <br><br> This is where Panther fans get the answers to their questions about Pittsburgh athletics from Big East Recruiting Analyst Bob Lichtenfels.

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1.) NJBob: 1. When will "Star ratings" begin for this year's recruiting class?

  • GURU: Our first set of rankings will come out after the spring combines and summer camps.

2.) NJBob: 2. Has Wannstedt assigned anyone to recruit NJ yet?

  • GURU: Coach Walker is recruiting NY and Coach Dunn is in Eastern PA, I would guess those two may be splitting the state, I have not spoken to a NJ kid who has said Pittsburgh was really showing a lot of interest.

3.) Willemakit: Besides yourself, who would you deem a credible source when evaluating and ranking HS players.

  • GURU: That's mostly up to the readers, we can all tell you we are the best at what we do, but eventually the results will speak for themselves. Me, personally I believe in my credibility because of the amount of hours that I spend watching film, combines, camps, and games. It's easy to sit at home and talk about it, it's another to actually be out and see it. Our staff at is very big on that.

4.) buccoboy: Any chance Loheyde can convince any of his fellow teammates to attend the Mecca of college football (Pitt)?

  • GURU: I'm sure he will try; Hanna is a big Pitt fan so it shouldn't take much convincing. Aaron Smith will have a number of options available to him, so he may take longer to decide.

5.) nagygaines: How does Pitt's facilities (i.e. weight room, locker rooms, practice facilities) stack up against some of the traditional teams they recruit against every year? Mainly, WVU and PSU. Who has the best/worst facilities in the Big East?

  • GURU: I seldom hear a recruit mention the facilities at WVU or Syracuse that leads me to believe they are not that good; I personally haven't seen them all. Penn State has very nice facilities, as does Pitt. Penn State and Pitt comes down to a on campus stadium versus a off site stadium, a more rural setting versus an urban setting. The worst I saw was probably Cincinnati, but they are redoing theirs and they will be top notch once completed.

6.) nagygaines: Very excited to see the early offers by Wannstedt to a lot of the WPIAL talent. My side of the state hasn't seen much of a Pitt presence in recent years. Do you expect this staff to be more active in the talent rich district 1 area? How about in Philly?

  • GURU: Definitely, Wannstedt mentioned he was very disappointed that Pitt did not sign one kid from Eastern Pennsylvania this year. Coach Dunn is a native of Philadelphia, so I would expect him to have a very positive effect there.

7.) Pittfan78: Is there any updates on the recruits who were having trouble qualifying from the '05 class, like Brooks or Williams?

  • GURU: Brooks will be fine as long as he finishes the semester with a decent GPA. I'll have to check with Williams.

8.) CaptainH: It's way early in the recruiting game, but how do you see Pitt's chances for:
Dorin Dickerson, Lesean McCoy, Jason Pinkston, Justin Hargrove, and Darrin Walls?

  • GURU: I can see Pitt landing Pinkston, Hargrove and Dickerson. They may land Walls as well. McCoy I just see him leaving the state, I could be wrong but we will see.

9.) CaptainH: What is the issue with Zach Frazer that there seems such little interest? Is it Frazer who's not interested, or are they concentrating on Pat Devlin until he makes a call?

  • GURU: It may just be a matter of Devlin fitting their scheme better; both are outstanding high school quarterbacks. Devlin is a little more mobile and he fits Cavanaugh's offense better.

10.) CaptainH: Is there any advance word on Pitt's summer camp? Are they anticipating a higher turnout with the new staff and the stronger emphasis on Western PA?

  • GURU: I would think there will be a dramatic rise in attendance at the Pitt camp this year. If there's not I wouldn't expect you'll hear a 100 excuses on how it was everyone else's fault either.

11.) CaptainH: When do you anticipate the next few verbals, and who do you think they might be?

  • GURU: There may be one this week if things play out right. Obviously for competitive reasons I can't say exactly who right now.

12.) poonugget: Will Conredge Collins get playing time at running back?

  • GURU: I think he will be afforded every opportunity, if everything is true and all things being equal the cream always rises to the top, Wannstedt will play the kids who give Pittsburgh the best chance of being successful. I would expect the RB battle to be wide open

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