Johnstown lineman makes it official

Greater Johnstown (Pa.) high school was planning a press conference this morning so defensive tackle/offensive lineman Scott Corson could announce his intentions to attend the University of Pittsburgh. A local newspaper ran with the story early this morning, one problem though Corson wasn't committed.

"I was a little surprised when I heard about that," Corson said. "I told the guy I was in the process of committing. I never committed until about 9:50 AM this morning, that's when I called Coach Wannstedt and broke the news."

"Coach Wannstedt laughed about the article in the paper," Corson said. "I told him Pitt is where I want to go to school, and he was excited."

Scott Corson, 6-foot-4, and 280 pounds, is a hidden gem of sorts. Corson did secure an offer from Michigan State prior to his Pittsburgh commitment, but his name is not a household name in recruiting circles.

Prior to the 2004 season, Corson played at Conemaugh Valley a small Class A school. Corson realized had he stayed with the Blue jay's he may not be heading to Pittsburgh.

"No way, it would've never happened," Corson said.

District-6 has been making quite the name for itself lately, especially at Pittsburgh. The Panthers secured the signature of Johnstown standout LaRod Stephens, and Altoona offensive lineman Zach Haulman will attend Pittsburgh as a preferred walk-on. Quite a feat for a area that is predominantly loaded with small schools.

"There's always a lot of talent, it just doesn't get the exposure," Corson said.

Stephens actually aided the Panthers cause with Corson.

"LaRod pushed me a little bit; he was really excited for me. Corson said. "I've always been a Pitt fan so it was an easy decision."

Not only was Scott excited, but the entire Corson family was jubilant over his selection of schools.

"Everyone in my family is a Pitt fan, they're really excited," Corson said. "I'm very excited; I've been shaking since I got the offer last week."

Corson is a slender 280-pound lineman, if that's possible. He has the frame that should enable him to gain an additional 20 pounds and most would not be able to tell. His size will be the determining factor as to which position he plays at the next level.

"No one ever believes me when I tell them I weigh 280 pounds," laughed Corson. "Pitt likes me at defensive tackle, but it will depend on how big I get."

On tape, you can see what coaches like about Corson. He has exceptional feet and balance for a big man. He moves really well, he gets to the second level very fast, he has outstanding hip and knee bend. He is still raw in many facets of the game, but he has the frame and speed that college's love in a lineman. With one to two years in a college strength and conditioning program Corson will be a specimen.

Corson will attend Pittsburgh's Blue Chip junior day this weekend. He will also attend the Combine at Akron University, May 28th .

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