Pitt Close to Offering Marino Prodigy

It's not often you can find a quarterback with all the right characteristics, while also being trained by one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Yet, that is exactly the good fortune being experienced by Dexter Davidson of Coconut Creek (Fla.).

Dexter Davidson moved to Florida from Kentucky after a sub-par freshmen year.

Little did he know his move would have him not only become one of the most prolific passing quarterbacks in the state's long and historic history, but also see him become trained by one of the greatest quarterbacks in history.

"The AD from Lexington Catholic came down here and at the time I was really more of a basketball player then football player," Davidson said at the time, "He convinced me to go out for football as a tight end and just eventually they moved me to quarterback."

The move to Florida and quarterback has been bitter-sweet for the former Kentucky native, Davidson passed for 2,500 yards with 27 touchdowns a year ago and as a sophomore he threw for 39 touchdowns, which was a Broward County record.

College coaches have taken notice, as Davidson now holds four solid scholarship offers, with more to come.

"My SAT scores haven't gotten back," Davidson said, "but I have gotten solid verbal offers from BYU, the University of Kentucky, and Tulane. Auburn said after watching my tape they would offer, on the condition that I attend their camp."

Davidson was asked to talk about each of his four offers:

Kentucky: "UK is where I am from," he continued. "I have a lot of people that I know that are still up there and I have a lot of family that still is up there, so it wouldn't be strange for me to go to school at Kentucky. A lot of the kids that I grew up with in middle school are going to be going to Kentucky, so it would basically be like going back home. I used to live on Clays Mill Road, not less then 5 minutes from campus, so I know all about how beautiful UK is."

BYU: "I really like the quarterback's coach at BYU. He could have gone and played professional football, but instead came back to be the quarterback's coach. Obviously they run a very pro-style offense, so it would fit me very well."

Auburn: "Auburn's a great school and it's close to home. They said they are losing a bunch of quarterbacks and will be left with just a redshirt freshmen this year, so their is playing time available. They said they want to take two quarterbacks."

Tulane: "Tulane has had three quarterbacks drafted in the past couple of years, and although they are not a huge school, they are always pretty competitive."

The attraction to Davidson is more then just the gaudy numbers he has put up at Broward Prep. Davidson trains and works out with former NFL great Dan Marino in the summer time.

Marino's son, Mike, is Dexter's backup at Broward Prep.

"Mr. Marino has been coming into town to help me with my foot work and playing under center," Davidson said. "I needed a lot of work under center, because my sophomore year, we were playing so much out of the shotgun that I didn't know how to take a snap and do the drops. Mr. Marino has really helped me and Mike (Marino) during the summer months. Now we do around 25% under center in our offense now, as opposed to before."

Not surprising, Dan's alma mater, the Pittsburgh Panthers have been seen at Broward Prep's practices of late. "Coach Wannstedt basically said that they'd be in touch with me," Davidson said. "I haven't heard anything since he came by the school about an offer, yet."

In addition to Pitt, Florida State stopped by and worked Dexter out today. "It's been crazy of late, schools have been coming in and out like crazy."

Davidson is 'not too sure' about his summer plans and whether he intends on doing any camps. At this time, only Auburn and Kentucky are camps he sees himself doing.

"I'm going to see how everything goes," Davidson said. "I don't want to do a lot of camps, because I've already gotten some really good offers. I don't want to waste my time on a school that isn't interested in me and I'm seriously considering ending my recruitment and making an early commitment, so I won't be needing to go anywhere."

Ask to go into further detail on regards to his decision time-table. "That's what we've pretty much decided on doing," Davidson answered, "I think we're gonna go ahead and try and get the decision done before the end of the summer."

Davidson and his family will hear back on his SAT scores in the next few weeks. Once the scores come in, don't be surprised if an influx of offers heads to Coconut Creek (Fla.) and the strong armed quarterback from Broward Prep.

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