FL Signal Caller Sitting on Pitt Offer

The Panthers are making their prescense known in the sunshine state very early in 2006 and now they are after another sunshine state star.

Miami Lakes signal caller Thaddeus Lewis (6-1, 185, 4.7) is sitting on an offer from Pittsburgh and a host of schools across the country.

Last season, Lewis put up modest numbers with 1,237 yards passing and 12 touchdowns. He could have put up the mind boggling stats that some quarterbacks put up these days but his team runs first and passes second.

Some schools have talked about moving him to receiver or safety but he is emphatic about staying under center.

"I want to play quarterback," he said. "That is the only position I have played and that is where I feel like I am most dangerous."

Lewis has been sitting on offers from Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Duke and South Florida for about a month now but he recently added a new offer to his resume.

He received an official scholarship offer from Les Miles and the LSU Tigers via a Fed Ex delivery and that was something he definitely was not anticipating.

"I received it in the mail about two weeks ago," he said. "What shocked me was I had never talked to him or any of their coaches. They send me a lot of letters but that is it."

To this day, Lewis still has not spoken to an LSU coach but that does not mean he is not interested in the Tigers.

"I would like to get to meet the coaches and talk to them but it's been so busy," said Lewis. "In the scholarship offer it says to call the office between 11:30 and 1:30 during the day but I am always in class at that time."

"I don't have a favorite right now because I want to focus on my senior season and keep all of my options open," he said.

Lewis said he has the GPA and test score needed and projects as a full academic qualifier.

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