GIDEL: 'Stronger' Johnson Getting Ready

Big offensive lineman Christian Johnson is ready to head to Kentucky in full force. That's why he's working hard to get his current weight numbers down.

"I am ready to head to Kentucky," Johnson said. "I have been training, and not just in the weight room, I'm working on technique."

Johnson is hoping he'll get his shot at some early playing time with a very young and inexperienced line returning. After a year of prepatory school, Johnson might just have the maturity to do so.

"I am trying to set myself up to start. If for some reason I don't start, I want it to be because the offensive schemes and plays were too hard to pick up," Johnson explained. "Not because I wasn't ready."

Johnson's current weight room numbers were jaw dropping when he committed to Kentucky. Now? They are even better.

"I am still benching about 430-440, but my squat has gone up to 595," Johnson said. "I am really not in the weight like I used to be as much. I am trying to get in shape. My strength will stay with me, but I have to get more explosive and in better shape for the season."

Added brother, Micah: "Yeah, Christian is working real hard. He looks great. He has gotten very trim since the last time I saw him."

With a strong group of offensive lineman set to head to Lexington next fall, Christian Johnson will be a name to watch as someone that could step in and play right away.

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