2 Offers for Sunshine State RB

Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) native A.J. Simeon has been holding on to one scholarship offer from Kansas for some time, but finally received his second scholarship in writing today.

"He recieved an offer from Akron today, actually," Andrew Simeon, A.J.'s father said. "We haven't really talked to any of the coaches, we actually just got it in the mail. We had just gotten back from Central Florida, for their camp."

A.J. was unavailable to talk because he was attending the three-day Division 1 camp at Villanova.

"The University of Miami (Fla.) has been recruiting him probably the hardest," Simeon said, "Georgia Tech as well and Georgia. We'll actually be up there to see both schools on July 8th."

Georgia Tech, LSU, Pittsburgh, Kentucky, Northwestern, Middle Tennessee State and UCF round out the schools that are showing A.J. the most attention.

"Northwestern was really hot on him for a while," Simeon insisted, "but they wanted him as a receiver or defensive back and not as a running back, where most of the schools are looking at A.J. Georgia Tech is really close to offering. We actually thought Kentucky would be the first school to offer him. They had been asking about A.J. since his sophomore year and they again were inquiring about him a lot his junior year, as well."

So what's next for the Dillard High School star?

"Middle Tennessee has requested tape and they sound very interested at this point," Simeon said. "We're gonna get in contact with them before we see the running back coach from Miami when we go down there this weekend. We'll then be in Gainesville on Sunday."

Simeon will be going to camp at LSU, Auburn and Alabama as well, after he finishes camping at Florida and Miami. He's already been to Central Florida, as well as Tuesday's Division 1 camp.

"We're looking at everyone," Simeon said, "but in the end, I think he'll be looking for a school with an engineering program. It's our top priority right now. If we have to go out of state to do that, then that's what we're gonna have to do."

A.J. is a nickname given to him by his family to decifer between senior and junior. Andrew, Junior was shortened to A.J. and the nicknamed stuck. One thing is for sure, both Senior and Junior want to make sure Simeon's name is remembered among colleges across the country, even if at 5-foot-9, 175 pounds, a lot of schools might be skeptical.

"He's pretty determined," Simeon said, "he's only 5'9, but he's strong and it doesn't matter if he's winning or losing, he plays with intensity and heart all the time. He never thinks he doesn't have a chance."

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