A Theatrical Reciever

Delray Beach (Fla.) is home to one of the better wide receivers in the country. The state that has produced as many receivers this season as Pennsylvania has produced quarterbacks, has put out another in Atlantic High School's Preston Parker.

"I've gotten a couple more offers, actually a lot more offers," Preston Parker said. "FSU, South Carolina, Eastern Michigan, Bowling Green, Louisville, North Carolina, NC State, USF, UCF, Akron, Rutgers, Pittsburgh and there's one more, but I can't tell you until Monday."

According to Parker, he's also getting heavy interest from Arizona State, Michigan, Michigan State and Wisconsin.

Much has been speculated that the Hurricanes of Miami may be the next school to go ahead and pull the trigger on a scholarship offer, especially with how publicized Parker has been with his love affair with the 'U'.

"I'm getting heavy interest from Miami (Fla.)," Parker said, "I'm gonna be at their camp on Saturday. If Miami did offer I would still want to wait it out and check out a bunch of schools."

Among those is Pittsburgh, whom Parker wants to take a strong look at.

"I've got a lot of strong feelings for Pitt," Parker said, "I'd be very happy if I got a chance to play there. I like the coaches and the offense. I'm very happy that they offered me."

Perhaps lost in the shuffle will be the impact of the education programs, which according to Parker will be the most overwhelming advantage.

"I'm gonna be taking a hard look at the theatre programs," Parker said. "I want to major in theatre and it's important that the program is good. I'm also gonna be looking at the football program, the system, the location and how the team plays. I will also look at graduation rates."

"I'm a physical player that can play any position. Not to be cocky or anything, but I've run a lot at different spots and I never take any plays off. Unless it's a fullback dive or something. I have fun with the game, but I play hard at all times."

Parker is looking to attend UF camp this upcoming Tuesday and Georgia sometime before the summer ends.

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