Top 10 questions for Pitt in spring ball.

Spring ball starts Saturday, March 16th and I can't remember a spring ball with so many big decisions to be made. Hopefully the team can increase depth at several thin positions including wide receiver, linebacker, defensive tackle and safety. Starting positions will need to be solidified at QB, WR, RB, Safety and Defensive Tackle. The least amount of question you go into summer, and then fall camp with, the better. Let's hope most of these get answered with positive outcomes!!!

Top 10 questions for spring ball

The top 10 issues' heading into spring ball…


  1. QB – Can Rod Rutherford take over the position and prove he can affectively run Walt Harris's style of offense??? Will Pat Hoderny push for the starting position and/or prove he can be a reliable backup?


  1. WR – Who will step up and replace Antonio Bryant and RJ English???  Will Rosie Bynes and Joe Stephens step up and join Lamar Slade as a solid threesome?


  1. Safety – Who will win the two starting positions that Ramon Walker and Mark Ponko have filled for the last few years???  Humphries, Gilliard, Urschler, Lay, Horne, etc.


  1. Defensive Tackle – Who will win the starting and backup positions???  Will Tyre Young be moved to linebacker?  Will young players such as Stephens, Holthaus, Crochunis, Banner and Spencer step up and win positions?  Will McMurray develop into the player that he can be?


  1. Linebacker Depth – Can Pitt find some much needed depth to compliment the the outstanding starting three???  Will Dipre and Weekley step up?  Will former RB candidates make the move to LB successfully?


  1. Will Brandon Miree win the starting RB position or will Raymond Kirkley or Marcus Furman improve on their very good play as true freshmen from a year ago???  Can an unknown like Johnson, Murphy or Abdullah win it?


  1. Will Walt change the offense this year? Will he feature a running attack with Rutherford, Polite and Kirkley, Furman, Miree and company or will he continue with his west coast style passing offense?


  1. Can Dustin Picciotti return to his old form of being a blue chip All-American recruit?  He has the size, speed and strength to be a big time player.  If he is finally healthy, he could make a difference in the offense.


  1. Can Josh Lay win a starting Safety position???  He is a great talent, and was a 2-way star at prep school.  Will he be able to learn the defense enough this spring to win a starting job???


  1. What young players that have so far spent their time on the scout teams will break through this spring by impressing the coaches in scrimmages.  Players to consider are Thomas Smith and Kevin Harris at defensive end, Joe Dipre and Monroe Weekley at linebacker, Dale Williams on the offensive line, Eric Gill at tight end, Miree, Murphy, Johnson, Abdullah at RB, McCray and Morris at DB, and many others!

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