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Hello fellow Panther fans, it's time for The Guru Grill. This is where Panther fans come to get the answers to their questions regarding University of Pittsburgh athletics and recruiting from Recruiting Analyst Bob Lichtenfels.

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CaptainH: In his Q & A, Paul Zeise mentioned that he thought the majority of remaining scholarships would go to Florida recruits. Your thoughts regarding this, and who should we pay closest attention to from that state?

tbro34: Is it at all likely that Pitt will end up with Gary, Fields, Berry, and Walls? This sounds too good to be true.

  • GURU: Gary is a Panther. Fields I thought would be committed by now. I like their chances with Berry and Walls. The longer Berry waits I think he hurts his standing at Pitt. They can't load up at DB, of course Fields may have grade troubles and they may expect that, so maybe Walls decision wouldn't affect Berry.

Pittfan7: I'm hearing from a reliable source that Darrin Walls is higher on Pitt then most people think. What's the latest news?

  • GURU: Unless your reliable source is Darrin Walls himself I'd take it with a grain of salt. I do think Pitt has a chance, but today on the internet everyone has an inside source, most of it turns out to be fodder.

steelcurtain55: What is your opinion of Archie Donald? Could he become a defensive end?

  • GURU: I think Archie Donald is a tremendous football player. His transcript hurt him, I spoke to him a few weeks ago and he said he had gone to summer school and raised his grades. As a football player he is as good and some may argue better then the other backer's in the state. He is very similar to Webster and Loheyde, but I don't see the speed and cover skills as Nix has.

CaptainH: Assuming the Panthers have up to 5 scholarships remaining, how do you see the breakdown left by position?

  • GURU: They need at least one or maybe two offensive tackles, a solid defensive end, another corner, a safety, and then you take the best available on your board.

NJBob: Any news about how Maddox's visit went? Are we also recruiting any of the other kids who came in with him?

  • GURU: I posted an update about Maddox's visit. I haven't heard who else was with him, but I don't think in this years class.

steelcurtain55: Seeing that we could use another OL or 2 could Wannstedt pull of an upset in Ohio and come out of nowhere in maybe landing Aaron Brown or Lee Tilley?

  • GURU: No, those two are down to their finalists and will decide in the next two months. He could pull a shocker but not with one of those two, and they have never offered Tilley.

Scorchlord: Which prospect do the Panthers have a realistic chance to obtain a verbal, yet their commitment would be considered a surprise to Pitt fans?

  • GURU: Jason Adjepong, if they can get him to visit I think they would have > a shot. Obviously if they can get McCoy it would shock a lot of folks.

tbro34: Just how does Bostick compare to Stull, Davidson, and Smith? If he verbal's would he likely win the starting job or have to wait until his senior season to play?

  • GURU: I would never compare them; Bostick has his whole junior and senior season yet to play. There are a lot of things positive and negative that could happen.

steelcurtain55: Could you see Dominic Alford getting an offer from Pitt?

  • GURU: I think they have enough guard types, unless they decide Corson is a defensive player and Thomas will be a tackle.

CaptainH: Among the remaining top available recruits, who is most likely to end up at Pitt?

Dominic Alford - OL, Audie Augustine - DE, Aaron Berry - CB, Elijah Fields - S, Richard Jackson - WR, Eric Latimore - DE, Antonio Lowry - LB, LeSean McCoy - RB, John Maddox - WR, Jared Martin - DL, McKenzie Mathews - DE, Jeff Otah - OL and Daniel Wenger - C

  • GURU: Berry, Fields, Martin, and Otah

steelcurtain55: What is your opinion of Cart Kelly? Could he become a safety?

  • GURU: I like him a lot, and I think if Pitt had 25 ships they take him. He's the best open field tackler I have seen this year on film. As far as safety, I think he could but he has to thicken up some.

Pittfan7: What's the latest on Elijah Fields and how does he view Pitt right now?

  • GURU: I haven't had a chance to talk to him in a few weeks

tbro34: I have heard two different stories on Elijah Fields. One story says that his commitment to Pitt is more of a when than an if. The other says that he is gone if Ohio State offers. Which one, if either, do you think is true?

  • GURU: Shane Brooks tells me Elijah is a Panther, so we'll see.

Scorchlord: Is Pitt recruiting Elijah Fields at safety of wide receiver?

  • GURU: Doesn't matter, we have seen this how many times a kid gets recruited at one spot and as things unfold he moves. I think with solid coaching Fields could be a force at WR, but he is a nice safety.

"In Your Grill" Question of the Week:

CaptainH: Which, if any, highly rated recruits waited too long to commit to Pitt and now will be looking elsewhere for a scholarship?

  • GURU: Highly rated too me is 4-5 star kids, I'm not sure any have waited too long. We wouldn't know unless they tried to commit and were denied.

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