Walls talks about his official visit to Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh hosted eight official visitors over the weekend, the biggest name of the bunch was Pittsburgh (Pa.) Woodland hills cornerback Darrin Walls, who is ranked as the No. 7 rated prospect in the nation at his position by Scout.com

Woodland Hills standout Darrin Walls (6-1, 180, 4.45) took some time out of his schedule to talk to Scout.com recently about his official visit to Pittsburgh, his team's first game, and his reported shoulder injury.

Lichtenfels: Overall How was the visit? What impressed you or was there anything that you did not like?

Walls: The thing I liked the most was the coaching staff . . . I think Coach Wannstedt is a great person and so is his coaching staff. The visit overall went really well . . . Game day was the best part of the trip though.

Lichtenfels: About the game, Notre Dame and Pitt are both teams you're considering, did the outcome have any positive or negative effect on you either way?

Walls: No, I don't think that a game can really change your mind on a school. Maybe a season but not just one game. Both teams can use some help at the corner position

Lichtenfels: How was the atmosphere at Heinz Field, with all the former big name Panthers like Tony Dorsett and Dan Marino being there?

Walls: The atmosphere there was crazy they were there six hours before the game. But yes the former players there was a big thing for Pitt to bring in on such a huge recruiting day. I liked that a lot. I went to a lot of Pitt games in the past couple of years and that was the most fans I have seen Pitt have in a while.

Lichtenfels: Pitt seems to be making a big push for you, I know back in the summer they were sort of on the outside looking in almost, as of today where do they stand and what's the biggest reason for the change?

Walls: Pitt has moved up to the third position tied with Florida. Until I see what Florida has to offer Pitt will remain third. The reason for it is because after that visit. Pitt just seems to get better and better. The coaching staff, the facilities, and the players I have been hanging with.

Lichtenfels: You have a visit to Michigan this weekend?

Walls: Yes!

Lichtenfels: Now, how about the game versus Gateway, very few gave you guys a chance and you took it to them, is Woody High back?

Walls: Yea, I think our senior class brought the tradition back to the way it used to be. We're not quite there yet, but we will once we win another championship. The game against Gateway, we have been waiting two years to beat them again. Last year we had our chances, but this year we got them. We came out explosive and it put us on top the whole way through.

Lichtenfels: Now there has been a lot of talk about your shoulder, and at times you seemed to be favoring it, what happened and how serious was it?

Walls: I didn't know that I was favoring my shoulder, but it is ok. I took a lot of hits at practice and during the game in the last past weeks. So I figure it is fine.

Lichtenfels: All right Darrin, Thanks for the time, good luck against Baldwin and have a safe trip to Ann Arbor.

Walls: Thanks!

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