Clemons to visit for the Youngstown State game

I first met Toney Clemons two years ago. He was refreshing to say the least. Not because of his athletic prowess, but by how driven he is. While drugs and organized crime run rampant in New Kensington, you won't find Clemons on the streets. He is usually too busy working.

Clemons has gone from working at McDonald's to his new job at Houlahan's, but he is still that focused and a driven young athlete that he was when I first met him.

"I had to give up McDonald's," he laughed. ‘I couldn't watch people eat that stuff." New Kensington (Pa.) Valley wide receiver Toney Clemons (6-3, 185, 4.45) will challenge for the top spot in the "Keystone State" next season.

Clemons has not received a scholarship offer as of yet, but he is hearing from a number of schools including Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Penn State, NC State, Ohio State, and Virginia Tech.

"I'm going to Pitt for the Youngstown State game," Clemons said. "I might try to go down to Virginia Tech, when they have homecoming."

Clemons has a sister who attends Pittsburgh and another who attends Virginia Tech.

The explosive pass catcher has caught one touchdown pass so far this season in a run dominated offensive attack. He has had two punt returns called back because of penalties.

"That's tough, you run all that way and they call it back," he said.

While a number of teams are showing interest, Clemons does not hide the fact that the Panthers will be tough to beat for his services.

"That's Pitt, that's my hometown team," he said.

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