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Hello fellow Panther fans, it's time for The Guru Grill. This is where Panther fans come to get the answers to their questions regarding University of Pittsburgh athletics and recruiting from Recruiting Analyst Bob Lichtenfels.

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Themasterghoul: Who is the better prospect, Dexter Davidson or Kevan Smith?

GURU: Holy cow, the quarterback controversy starts before they step foot on campus. They're both nice looking QB prospects, Smith seems to be a little more mobile and has more zip on his passes. Davidson has more game experience. But, the key word is prospect and I think Smith may have a little edge on Davidson as a prospect.

tbro34: How did the Notre Dame game affect our shot with McKenzie Mathews? Is he pretty much Michigan's to lose?

GURU: TBro you have a free membership, I know I did an article on his trip to Pitt. What are you telling me you don't read the articles you only look at the pictures? It had little affect on him; he actually figures he could play early after he saw the DE from Pitt.

PittFan7: Why is H.B. Blades lined up ten yards off the ball in his stance with the other two linebackers only five yards off the ball?

GURU: I could not even begin to tell you. I don't understand why the OLB's play so tight in the box either. They appear to line up inside-shoulder of the DT's, and have trouble getting to the outside. Obviously it must be part of the defensive scheme, I haven't seen it very often that I recall.

TEX77630: Which potential recruits were at the Notre Dame game?


Themasterghoul: How many more kids do you think Pitt will take (for the class 2006)?

GURU: My best guess right now is four or five.

tbro34: Where does Jake Miller rank against our current offensive line recruits? What are our chances of landing him?

GURU: In order to land him they have to offer him, I'm not sure that they will do that. I think they want to see what Jeff Otah does, and they are still in the hunt for Daniel Wenger; they have a shot albeit a small one.

PittFan7: Why hasn't Pitt been trying to execute more Blitz packages?

GURU: Some coaches aren't comfortable taking risks like that. You know the saying "Live by the blitz, die by the blitz". Me, personally I would be doing whatever I had to do to get pressure on the QB, and using some blitzes to contain the run. Defense didn't cost Pitt the game against Ohio, Notre Dame had an outstanding offensive line, so it's tough to draw an accurate assessment of what they have done. This week may be a more telling tale against Nebraska.

steelcurtain55: Of the remaining defensive end targets, who has the most upside?

GURU: I would have to say Eric Latimore, with his size and athleticism he could be a big time player.

Themasterghoul: Where, besides Pennsylvania, are the Panthers recruiting?

GURU: Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, D.C., Florida are the main spots. They hit a few kids from other areas like Latimore in Delaware. At times coaches from other areas will send schools film if the school likes it they may recruit him, even if it's out of their normal region. Wannstedt has mentioned that they would recruit from I believe it was a 300-500-mile radius of Pittsburgh.

PittFan7: Why are the cornerbacks continuing to play soft coverage?

GURU: Pitt has given up an average of 167-yards passing a game, how much tighter coverage do you want to see. The bulk of the yards they have given up are to RB's, which would point most of the coverage problems to the LB's, not the DB's.

Poonugget: Could you please explain to me why Greg Lee has disappeared from the Pitt offense?

GURU: You explain it to me first. I honestly do not know, if you watch any level of football most teams double-cover or use some form of bracket coverage on the opposing teams best receiver, it's up to the offensive coordinator to adjust on the fly, and the QB to progress through his reads. The best way to defeat that is to utilize the underneath passing game with your TE's and RB's.

Themasterghoul: I know the Panthers would take LeSean McCoy if he really wanted to come here. Otherwise, am I correct in assuming that they will not take another running back for next years class?

GURU: I can't see them taking another RB unless; something would happen such as a transfer or an injury.

tbro34: Out of all the current verbals, how many do you see as future starters?

GURU: Dickerson, as I have said just reminds me of Larry Fitzgerald. I know that's a steep comparison, but he could be special. I really like Joe Thomas; Pitt is getting a good one there. Nate Nix and Greg Webster could be forces. Nate Byham will be a good one, my two wild cards are Ricky Gary and Aaron Smith. The one too watch will be Kevin Collier.

TEX77630: Has the Panthers' bad showing had any negative affects on the present recruiting class?

GURU: Not to my knowledge, most of the recruits I ask about it, basically just laugh it off.

steelcurtain55: Which defensive end prospect has the best chance at early playing time?

GURU: I think Jason Adjepong could start from day one, but he's not going to Pitt. The best one I think could end up being Latimore.

tbro34: How good is Jeff Otah?

GURU: he's a big, athletic kid. I'm waiting for film before I pass judgment on him.

Themasterghoul: Any idea of what positions the Panthers will be concentrating on to finish off the class of 2006?

GURU: They need OT's and DE's, maybe another DT. At this point you almost go after the best available. They will likely take another corner.

"In Your Grill" Question of the Week:

masterghoul:In your opinion regardless of hype, rankings or stats, what recruit do you feel will have the biggest impact at Pitt?

GURU: Nate Byham is special, but at TE he will likely not have as big of an impact as Dorin Dickerson. The one knock on Dickerson was his lack of break-away speed, if you have seen him this year he has corrected that. He is running a consistent 4.5 and benching 350-pounds.

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