Stop the Insanity

The infamous bandwagon jumpers are back and in full effect. Fans and media a like were singing Dave Wannstedt's praises only a month ago. Now, Panther fans are ready to jump off the Old Metal Bridge. The PantherReport message boards lit up like a Christmas tree on Friday night after the Panthers were stunned in Athens.

Much of the influx of traffic was from our neighbors to the East and the South, Penn State and West Virginia. Yes, the EER's are rejoicing as they are (2-0) with such great victories over the offensively incompetent Orange of Syracuse, and the mighty Wofford Terriers. Oh. Less we forget the mighty return of the Nittany Lions who are also (2-0) with victories over the two teams picked to finish in the basement of the Big East.

Oh yes, how can we forget the great fans of da Bears and Dolphins, who bless us with their presence on a daily basis to let Pitt fans know how bad their new coach is. Yes the same Bears who haven't resembled a football team since the Ditka led Bears of 1985. Wannstedt was successful in Miami until Ricky "Marley" Williams decided he didn't want to play anymore. The late great Vince Lombardi wouldn't have won with that squad in South Beach.

The Panthers have underachieved thus far. Expectations were high, probably too high. The Panthers will face a stiff test tomorrow in Lincoln, and if things go as planned they can upset the Cornhuskers and refill the bandwagon.

The Cornhuskers can serve as a model to what Pitt is trying to accomplish. Just this past February, Bill Callahan signed a very good recruiting class after a (5-6) season. The Panthers are well on their way to securing a top 15 class this season.

Player of the game: Larod Stephens-Howling

Larod showed his ability in Athens, now is the time to unleash the beast.

Predicted Score; Pitt 24, Nebraska 17

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